Job specific interview questions

sigma igaming Job specific interview questions

The burning question on all interviewers’ lips: do you have the skills to do the job?

Job specific questions are specifically designed to assess whether you have the right skills and knowledge to perform the duties required for the position.  This is a particularly important consideration if the job you are interviewing for is specifically technical, requires you to be able to do the job from day one or has an unusually demanding workload.

Being able to respond well to these questions is the perfect opportunity to show your interviewer that your skill set will be the best fit out of all the other applicants for the job on offer.

So, how can you best prepare to answer these questions?

  • Check the requirements in the job posting
  • Knowledge is power: Show off what you know
  • Share your past experiences from previous jobs
  • Be familiar with the skills listed in your CV
  • Don’t be shy about your credentials – mention any courses or training you’ve undertaken
  • Be honest about what you don’t know