Top tips for practicing your interview style

sigma igaming Top tips for practicing your interview style

Practicing your interview skills will reinforce your confidence on the day, by reducing stress and anxiety and allowing you to focus on making a good impression.

Recruit your family and friends

Going over your technique in a safe, comfortable environment with family and friends will calm your nerves and familiarise you with the process.  Provide them with a list of questions and have them flag any potential faux pas you may make.

Come up with a list of questions

Avoid being surprised on the day by researching the company, and looking up commonly asked questions. Practice makes perfect – answer each question out loud in front of a mirror and take note of what works.

Record yourself

Do you fidget or repeat yourself often? Use a video camera or tape recorder so you can identify awkward mannerisms and body language. Take particular note of your posture and eye contact.

Have a dress rehearsal

Pick out the outfit you plan to wear for your interview and wear it for a day. Try walking around in it, is it comfortable? Do your trousers hang at the right length?  Does your shirt gape at the front? Make adjustments now so that you don’t have to worry about looking professional on the day.