SiGMA Foundation is the charitable arm of SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world with fund-raising activities. The foundation will focus on collecting funds for projects around the world, the first of which will be the construction of a primary school in Ethiopia. With €80,000 earmarked for the project, the school will be inaugurated in January 2020.

The Philippines will also factor into the foundation’s plans with the implementation of a solar power system to benefit remote locations, and the provision of €20,000 from SiGMA Foundation’s yearly target to improve surrounding amenities.

Closer to home, SiGMA Foundation will look at social responsibility in Malta, with the intention of creating a social arm for the local scene, primarily addressing loneliness.

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SiGMA Foundation was created to do good. Those in need around the world are the focus of our efforts. Ongoing educational and health-related activities in Ethiopia, implemented by third party NGOs, will be supported, while initiatives in the Philippines are to receive funding to expand on current efforts.

SiGMA Foundation is not just a charitable organisation. As well as providing financial aid, we hope to educate those in need, helping them to become self-sufficient for their subsistence, and restoring their pride and self-confidence.

Transparency is the founding stone of SiGMA Foundation. All our directors are fully accountable to the foundation and its donors, with all funds collected to reach their intended recipients in full. No director will ever be remunerated or refunded any expense. Our accounts will be freely available for review upon demand.


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The Kilimanjaro Project gathers together individuals from all walks of life almost every year to take on the challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world – all for charity.

The challenge has been going for 15 years and so far almost €1 million has been collected for projects in Ethiopia. Each year a new project is funded by the challenge, with additional year-round activities raising more money for these good causes.



Primary School | SiGMA iGaming Foundation

SiGMA believes in education and empowerment. Our partner NGO has so far financed the construction of numerous primary schools and related facilities in Ethiopia, enabling education for children to be better skilled and thus improve their society in general. The construction of flour mills and water pumps in parallel to schools allows the kids to spend more time on their education.

SiGMA will be working to raise funds to maintain their continued operation and viability. Around €1 million annually is required to keep the projects going.


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SiGMA will contribute on a number of fronts in the Philippines. Ongoing educational projects include the José Depiro Kabataan Orkestra and the José Depiro Formation Centre in Bataan. The orchestra was formed to protect local children and youths from the danger of the streets, such as child prostitution and drugs. Here music is used as a tool of expression and communication, and now with 120 participants learning and practicing music, there’s a requirement for financial support to provide more music teachers. The centre is a hub to provide a safe place for children to grow in both their values and their §education, offering them a better start in life and helping them to find gainful employment in the future.