15000 turn out for the first day of SiGMA

SiGMA breaks records with high attendance figures

Day 2 of SiGMA is already in full swing, and as things start to heat up for another great day we take a look back over the best moments from yesterday.

One lucky winner will walk away with a brand new Lamborghini.

With 15,000 delegates turning out for the sixth edition of SIGMA, the summit is shaping up to be one the biggest SiGMA Group events yet. Crowds of attendees packed a bustling expo floor, with free game playing spaces and creatively designed stands proving popular, while the conference room drew huge interest as debate provoked heated discussion amongst panelists. 

Familiar faces and big names in the industry added prestige to keynotes and fireside chats, with topics ranging from blockchain use cases in the iGaming sector to regulation, legislation and compliance. 

Silvio Schembri spoke about the need for innovation and the progress brought about by the introduction in 2018 of a new regulatory framework, saying:

Packed conferences.

“The fact that Malta has established itself as the leading frontrunner in this sector is irrefutable. By nurturing such optimum conditions for operators, the sector has grown exponentially becoming one of the main contributors to economic growth. However we are more than aware of the dynamic nature of this industry and its fast-paced evolution through constant innovation - which ultimately is the lifeblood of this industry.

“We have sought to accommodate the industry’s rapid progress from the outset, ensuring the new regulatory framework, was designed in a manner which enables the Malta Gaming Authority to act rapidly and flexibly to ascertain that advancements in tech are catered for in this legislative requirements while taking care not to quell innovation.

“The sandbox regulatory framework is a clear illustration of the keen mindset which enables both the industry and the regulator to evolve in tandem.”

MGA CEO Heathcliff Farrugia went on to say “I believe a lot more needs to be done, and a lot more can be done on the illegal front because that is the way to protect the industry.” 

The US featured heavily when it came to discussion on regulation, with Susan Breen from Mischon de Reya saying that collaboration was essential in light of the unpredictability of the US markets:

“If you look at the big casinos, they’re highly leveraged, they’re looking at reducing their leverage right, they’re collaborating and venturing with online companies to open up the whole of the states and beyond, most of all because they are aware that this is a very uncertain and unpredictable market.” 

A packed expo floor.

Sue Schneider spoke about the complications brought about by the DOJ, “One complication is the Wire Act which the DOJ has continued to fight - and that has really spooked investors, it’s putting a damper on things.

“Hopefully the US will learn from some of the issues going on here - unless we have some sort of a way to have self control that may provide some backlash.”

Jimmy Nguyen brought an intriguing perspective to the Blockhain and Bitcoin SV conference.

"We are bringing together these building blocks, an understanding that Bitcoin and blockchain creates privacy but not anonymity - this is one of the biggest myths that has plagued the Bitcoin world since its inception, the idea that Bitcoin’s anonymous and therefore you can use it to commit illegal crimes."

A boxing match kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

The day drew to a close with delegates heading off to an evening of fine dining, a closely fought boxing match and networking drinks.

Today brings a fresh round of conferences and another day packed full of networking, events and workshops. Follow SiGMA's official social media for live coverage as it happens.

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