2018 Online Bingo & Slots Summit

Conference to cater for online bingo and slots operators

It’s that time of the year again when leading industry figures from the world of online gaming gather for the 2018 Online Bingo & Slots Summit.

This year’s conference is taking place in London at the Mermaid Centre on June 12, and will see some of the biggest names in online gaming gather to discuss a range of topics and new directions in the industry, such as how online bingo and slots operators can keep abreast of the latest developments in technology, customer retention and marketing, and how they can adapt to growing state regulation in the industry.

Guest speakers will include the operators of some of the top UK bingo sites, the CEOs of leading online slots providers, as well as major figures in online gaming, marketing, and social media.

The conference will then be followed by the 2018 Which Bingo Awards, where some of the prizes up for grabs will include Best Online Bingo Site, Best Slots & Casino Site, and Best Mobile Bingo Experience.

The 2018 Online Bingo & Slots Summit is a highlight of the year for anyone involved in the bingo and slots industry, as it brings together experts from all sectors to share their insights, debate the future direction of online gaming, and evaluates the best and most effective strategies for creating player engagement and retention.

One of the most keenly anticipated discussions at this year’s conference will centre around the increased role that state regulation is playing in the industry and the way in which this affects the public perception of online gaming. In a session entitled ‘Trust, integrity and player safety in bingo and slots’, leading providers will share their insights on why it is not only important to meet compliance standards but to go beyond them, and the impact this will have on the operation of bingo sites if they are to continue to maintain their current high levels of player engagement and popularity.

Another highlight will be ‘Hey Alexa…’, in which Will Mace, Head of Kindred Futures, will discuss the multitude of technological developments that could have a potentially disruptive influence on the online bingo and slots industry, including voice as an interface, data and machine learning, VR/AR, and chatbots.

Other sessions at the conference that promise to be both exciting and challenging include:

  • ‘Beyond Britain’ — The discussion will centre around the opportunities for online bingo and slots in an increasingly regulated environment, as well as ways in which casino brands can prepare in order to be able to enter state-regulated markets.
  • ‘Marketing strategy in a new age of compliance’ — Delegates will debate the role of marketing in the bingo and slots industry going forward, particularly as it relates to operating within a regulatory framework. Industry participants will also explore how advertising campaigns might be created in the future, especially those that focus on bonuses and rewards.
  • ‘Product as a priority’ — Producers will share their insights on how the industry should be looking towards a renewed focus on the product as a way of increasing player engagement and retention, and how brands can distinguish themselves from competitors through the quality of their gaming offerings as opposed to the use of free bonuses.
  • ‘The Future of omni-channel’ — The focus in this discussion will be on the role of omni-channel marketing, in particular how it can be used to attract a new generation of players in an increasingly competitive online gaming space.

As the programme above indicates, the 2018 Online Bingo & Slots Summit promises to be an insightful and informative event, and it will provide excellent opportunities for meeting and networking with experts from all sectors of the online gaming industry.


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