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A brand-new perspective on iGaming industry by Ionut Marin

A brand-new perspective on iGaming industry by Ionut MarinSiGMA spoke with Romanian owner of ZZZSlots and TakeBonus, Ionut Marin.

How did your projects begin?

They started out as a simple idea: to create a place where all kinds of players can join and have a unique gaming experience. Even though we are at the beginning of our road, we are confident that we will manage to grow and develop in time. This industry requires an enormous amount of resources, experience and dedication, which is why we are working with some of the best specialist in the field that can provide the optimal solutions for our needs and a different perspective and approach on this industry based on their expertise.

We would like to learn more about your business.

Well, both ZZZSlots and TakeBonus are addressed to casino lovers. ZZZSlots is one-stop platform of ultimate online slots with more than 4000 slots from more than 120 providers. You can think of it as a tremendous collection of slot machines that can be played every time you desire. This wide range of games is diverse, from classic slots with a simple graphic design to complex themed slots with fantastic features. TakeBonus is an independent directory and guide to casino bonuses with the purpose of helping players finding the best casino bonuses. In this regard, each player can search through an extensive list of bonuses, that is updated on a regular basis, the most rewarding or tempting bonus from their favorite casino. Our team is working constantly so all our players can have a unique experience.

Have you ever attended SiGMA before?

Unfortunately, no, but this year we will! I believe it is extremely important to attend to this type of events especially if you are new in this industry. In this regard, the Malta iGaming summit represents one of the best opportunities for networking and discussion with other affiliates, operators, regulators or vendors.

What is your favorite part when attending to this kind of events?

First of all, I think it’s great that such an event it’s able to bring together the entire gaming community. You can receive feedback in real time from so many experts in the field who are gathered in one place. I am also interested in joining in insightful conferences where you can learn so much from other’s experience. Secondly, needless to say, I love Malta! It’s an amazing place for business but also for leisure.

What are your future plans for ZZZSlots and TakeBonus?

In order to develop and grow, we are planning to invest in research and innovation departments. Our main goal is to consolidate our projects, which is why our next step will be to allocate sufficient time and resources into research and find new ideas. We are focusing in developing our projects so that all players can find exactly what they want. If you want to play free slots from your favorite provider you can simply visit https://zzzslots.com/ and search that specific game that fits all your preferences. If you want a rewarding bonus or you are interested in finding out which casino offers the most, you can check https://takebonus.com/ and find all your answers regarding this industry.

TakeBonus is a brand new independent directory and a comprehensive guide to online casino bonuses. This complete and extensive guide was thoroughly composed and is constantly updated. Not only they offer players a wide variety of rewarding bonuses, trusted casinos and popular providers, but they also guide them through the entire process, providing all the needed information in order to take an informed decision.

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