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A driving culture

Words by Thomas Mahoney, Specialist & Consultant

Employer Branding is a proven and growing concept that I have been researching and refining since 2010. For those new to the subject, the concept is best defined as a marketing component which ultimately becomes a driving force within a human resources structured framework.


sigma igaming A driving culture Within the industry, competition between talent is sky-high, making this concept the next big thing for growing professional organisations.


The three primary objectives are: to create the necessary framework and components that allow an organisation to showcase and portray a true picture of its internal office work-life alongside its brand core values, to increase employee attraction & retention, and to increase internal and external brand loyalty.

Doing this correctly ensures the creation of a scalable, company-wide, adaptable framework - which may prove to be incredibly profitable for an organisation. The consequences of not doing this properly will likely prove to be very damaging. Selling false promises sets a negative reputation which works its way from the inside out, scaring its current workforce and possible prospective talent. This is many a time self-repeating because organisations try to plough through such projects without engaging professional and experienced assistance.

Within the industry, competition between talent is sky-high, making this concept the next big thing for growing professional organisations. Talent focus, culture engineering and career management have now become a growing presence in shows and conferences such as SiGMA. Looking back, the first time I decided to exhibit an employer brand in the industry at an iGaming show was anything but easy as very few believed in and supported ‘my little project’. However, the one true supporter throughout has been SiGMA, the rest is history. SiGMA now dedicates a big chunk of its show to careers, talent and employer branding.

After all these years of trying to sell the benefits of such a concept, it seems that it now feels like the most natural thing for brands to exhibit their employer brand together with the product brand/s - as opposed to pushing either brand in isolation. However, exhibiting is one thing, effectively combining and making the two brands work concurrently is a completely different story. The majority has not yet understood why creating more of these employer brands as an isolated project will never work in the long run.

Doing so is just like trying to fix one room in a dilapidated mansion. All the backing components must be set up and working effectively in order for the employer branding arm to add value to the organisation, rather than hindering the organisation’s reputation and perception.

Through the concept’s organic growth, employer branding has become accepted as an integral and natural part of a professional organisation. Not only has employer branding become accepted, but since I started working on this concept, has converted itself into official roles within both the HR and marketing departments.

Be wise, invest in your employees - a company is only as good as the people who work for it. The big question now is: where does employer-branding go next?

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