Dec 15 / 2017
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A Global Sports Betting Solution Provided by Sports Media Platform Scorum

How Blockchain Tech is going to make big changes in Sports Gambling

Built on a blockchain framework capable of free and fast transactions, Scorum’s SCR token pairs global sports betting with integrated sports coverage. Scorum and SiGMA have partnered up to showcase Scorum’s commission-free betting exchange for third parties and franchise integration.

Scorum offers its gaming partners’ audiences access to the latest sports news and the chance to purchase live streams of events with the same SCR Tokens. The design of  the betting exchange can be completely custom-tailored to match the interface of established gaming sites interested in SCR integration.

The lack of traditional betting fees and transparent nature of blockchain transactions create ideal conditions for the migration of sports betting money across the globe into digital currency. Scorum Coins tokens offer keen sports bettors an efficient and useful currency to place wagers on matches and events around the world.

Scorum CEO Vladislav Artemyev believes that “it’s time for sports fans around the world to leave the shady bookmakers behind. With blockchain tech we can finally offer bettors a fair and secure interface for winning big. It’s the next step for the gambling industry and it will appeal to the younger and more progressive demographics that are quick to adopt cryptocurrency.”

The Scorum project will launch its internal betting exchange in June 2018 in line with the highly anticipated 2018 FIFA World Cup. Football fans across the world will freely place bets in real time with zero commission fees.


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