Aug 25 / 2017
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Acquisition for the many, not just the few

Let’s be honest, driving visitors to your website is costing you an absolute fortune! Attracting people to your site is vital but what happens when these visitors are leaving before making that all important First-time Deposit?

Unsurprisingly it’s not just you that has huge acquisition costs. The iGaming industry as a whole spends billions of dollars every year driving traffic to their sites, yet a large majority will leave without ever depositing a single cent. So, how do we curb this?

Although there are many ‘remarketing’ or ‘CRO’ solution companies out there promising the world and eager to work with you, their solutions are not built for iGaming and may stop key metrics and KPI’s being collated in their reporting fields. If your are not able to prove a solid attribution, How do you find the true value?

ConversionBet’s proprietary iGaming behavioural marketing solution, profiles your visitors before any engagement takes place and understands how they use your site making sure the online journey you provide fits their individual needs.

Here’s how it can be done…

Take Advantage and react to the moment

Visitors to your website won’t always convert. ConversionBet figures show that 72.32% of visitors to iGaming sites abandon without doing so.  As someone with the pressure of acquisition figures hang over your head, it is easy to tell yourself ‘It’s ok, they’ll come back’, but what if they don’t? It’s imperative that you make the most of each visitor to your site by engaging with them in a way they will respond to, while remembering to keep things human!

Segmented behavioral on-site displays are a fantastic way to grab a visitor’s attention and prevent them from leaving your site forever. Visitors who are showing intent to leave, will be shown a triggered display, chosen by and highlighting their current behavior. We can also detect how they plan to leave! For instance, a visitor with the intent of closing down their browser all together is showing a completely different behavior to someone that is just trying to open a new tab, or even click ‘back’. Using this data we can categorize the potential user’s behaviour and tailor the display that they see, increasing further engagement. This will encourage a longer session time and an improvement in registration rates which will lead to an increase of those all important FTD’s.

Better still, these displays can be segmented to ensure that visitors who have never deposited will receive one message whereas those whose data you have, will receive another based on your site identifiers which we then translate into calculated engagment flows.

Segmentation is key, and tailoring that message will ensure your visitors are receiving the relevant prompts they need, to make that next step.

Example first engagement: At the point of a visitor trying to leave, ConversionBet has already created a ‘player fingerprint’ and segmented that visitor into a ‘football’ profile before an engagement takes place.

Conversion Bet

Use journey consistent abandonment emails to call their bluff

So now you have a visitor’s behavioral data, jackpot! This gives you the opportunity to let them know about your new welcome offers and exciting new games. But we’d put money on that you already do this, right?

Your CRM team is a very important part of your acquisition and retention strategy and not something to overlook. ConversionBet works hand-in-hand with your current CRM setup but has the ability to capture data long before your existing team can.

The next move is to personalize and segment this earlier in the customer journey. Segmented, journey consistent emails can help turn visitors and ‘window browsers’ into loyal customers.

Knowing the browsing activity of a website visitor, means that you can utilise us to send out dynamic, personalized emails, based on what games they have recently been looking at. It’s all about reigniting the initial interest shown of those ‘window’ browsers and creating an essence of urgency amongst your visitors.

Once they’ve rolled, it’s time to reveal your ace

Finally, you’ve got people to your site, you’ve translated their micro behavior into a compelling conversion path and they’ve accepted one of your welcome bonuses. Fantastic, job done?

Not just yet.

The customer journey has only just started! Automated Post-Deposit emails can be sent directly after a transaction with the aim of upselling and achieving that all important cross-wallet share. An idea would be to include increased odds, free spins and many more enticing offers in this email. Also, adding brand trust factors and relevant news will lead to an increase in loyalty and add value.

Pre & post registration engagements doesn’t stop at emails. It can also be done in the form of SMS messages. It is so important to get your mobile strategy right as this could be a big win for your acquisition numbers. ConversionBet will allow you to A/B test conversion channels to see which one is strongest per vertical. For instance, we know sportsbook fans convert better with signup offers via SMS whilst Live Casino fans prefer their user journey via email.

The positive news for mobile doesn’t stop there, our data shows that an astounding 97.32% of all SMS messages are opened with a 18.78% click through rate. That’s huge! Behavioral SMS messaging is something that is on the rise and could certainly help shorten the odds for your iGaming success.


We all agree that It’s a challenge to pull visitors to your website, and can often be costly. Therefore, it is vital that your website is prepared to convert as many visitors as possible. Using on-site displays to prolong a visitor’s session time on your site and making them aware of your deals will ensure that they just can’t leave without leaving you something!

Conversion Bet

For more details about ConversionBet, visit:

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