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Africa: an untapped iGaming marketplace

How the online slots industry aims to extend its presence in African markets

The online slots industry has been revolutionised by powerful technology engineered by the best gaming software developers on the market. As it stands, the industry is now pointing its aim at undiscovered African markets. This has been noted by gaming corporations as the online video slots gaming industry extends its successful reach to all corners of the world aiming to next dominate the African market.

One of the fastest growing brands in the competitive market is Gambino Slots. The gaming solution has managed to infiltrate the industry and outshine competing brands in terms of fast accessibility to an impressive selection of free video slots games.


sigma igaming Africa: an untapped iGaming marketplace The industry is now pointing its aim at undiscovered African markets.


The African gaming market is a growing one, adopting some of the best online casino gaming developers as creators of trending online casinos. Gambino has seen the full potential of growth and the brand has extended its service to African players, granting them access to free slots using a mobile platform that allows convenient access to some of the latest video slots gaming releases. Unlike any of its competitors, Gambino has taken a refreshing approach to slots gaming where the user doesn’t deposit real money into the players account, but rather obtain coins which are used to play and obtain rewards.

Gambino to Steal the Social Online Gaming Domain

Having had experience in reaching out to previous markets, Gambino has perfected its social presence by 2019. Accessible via Facebook and claiming a modern approach to gaming by keeping up with online trends, Gambino also provides channels on YouTube where users can better familiarise themselves with hundreds of video slots releases. What has gripped the attention of markets already conquered is the high definition quality of interactive games, promoting an entirely unique gaming experience. The Facebook platform is one of the first social gaming avenues to offer weekend contests with no connection to real money. Impressively enough and a part of the success of the free slots brand, free Gambino coins are awarded on a daily basis, special offers and exclusive promotions can be accessed and daily activities are an added feature.

Social gaming has fast risen above and beyond the expectations of both gamers and online gaming brands, but the high turnaround rate of success has only encouraged brands to evolve with modern gaming. Gambino has far surpassed the bar in terms of innovative gaming and has set the precedence for other applications in the same industry. Setting their aim on African Markets has been a smart move for the video slots brand, adding value to their reputation and granting users access to a free service which connects friends and networks their players.

With over 60,000 users on the brands Facebook platform, it proves the motivated activity of the brand will not rest until it has accomplished what it has set out to do, capture and hold the attention of gamblers, players and gamers from around the world.

What Does This Mean For The African Gaming Community?

In essence African players, both mobile and desktop users, are benefiting from the success of brands like Gambino. In terms of being free, there is no better temptation than that. Players are seeking free downloadable games and through mobile app stores the first to appear is usually the first option. Gambino once again saw the trend in that and has integrated their wide database of games in to app production, releasing all their games to the mobile public.

About Gambino’s Software

As massive gaming corporations go neck-to-neck in heated competition to gain more users, the game of software quality comes into play. The competition only creates a better playground for gamers as they benefit from high definition graphics, powerful sound quality and interactive framework.

The software has impacted on additional functionality which includes popular features exclusive to the rising brand. The VIP Club, Mega Wheel of Fortune and the Treasure Vault are all extensions on the free slots gaming service and are exceptionally designed using the latest gaming software solutions.

It will be exciting to see where Gambino plans to go next after dominating a difficult market to penetrate, but there is no doubt that they will become more successful through the innovative way of thinking and providing for its users.

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