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AliQuantum and Matching Visions among industry peers continuing support of James King’s Sahara Charity race

The Head of Business Development for iGaming Business James King has committed himself to running the Marathon Des Sables 17 which has been ranked by Discovery Channel as the toughest footrace on earth. The 156-mile race takes place in the Sahara from the  7th – 17th April 2017. King’s goal is to raise over £10,000 for a truly amazing charity called Mencap.

Winning partnership matching visionsWith just over 1000 runners taking part, King, a well-known and respected personality in the online gambling industry, has dedicated over a year of his life to this cause and has been training for the past 14 months pushing himself to the limits. He has a determination and commitment to finish within the top 250 and in the top 50 on the final race day.

This mission calls for immense support from his surrounding environment emotionally and financially which there has been no shortage of, being received via his family, friends and the unimaginable support from the online gambling industry. His wife in general Emma has been the perfect support system providing all his needs and supporting him in any and every way possible.

King’s own company iGaming business along with the generous online gaming industry and charitable individuals that also work in the industry has continued to support his charity race. Aliquantum has been supporting King and his cause from the beginning both “emotionally and financially” according to King.

Andy JonesAndy Jones of AliQuantum Gaming shared this: “James is not only an important and highly knowledgeable colleague in the iGaming industry, but he’s also a good mate that I’d support any day.  The fact that he’s so ambitious to attempt this extremely difficult race but also endeavouring to raise a lot of money for a great charity really sealed the deal in my decision to go all in on sponsoring him.”

Matching Visions are also amongst the industry peers that are supporting and sponsoring his cause. King stated: “The whole iGaming industry has been fantastic with their support and donations coming from both individuals and businesses.”

He added: “Matching Visions recently donated £1,000 to put a small logo on my sleeve, for example, it continues to show just how nice an industry we work in”

If you are interested in making a donation, you can visit King’s JustGiving page. More information on the race is also available on his personal website.

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