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All-in SiGMA Cup

The gaming community comes together for a friendly, yet competitive football tournament on November 22nd

There are 16 teams in total signed up for the SiGMA Cup on the 22nd of November, plus two are on the waiting list. If any of the teams below won’t be able to participate or want to merge with another team due to few players ( the recommended number of the players is 6) make sure you let All-in Translations know right away.

The SiGMA Cup is going to take place at the Luxol Sports Club. Your first game starts either at 10:00 or 10:35, but you can warm up on the pitches before kick-off. The playing time is 2×12 minutes with a break of 4 minutes for half time. The rules can be read at the bottom of the page.

What’s more, there is a designated area and a bar/restaurant, so invite your colleagues, they are more than welcome to join. There are around 150 people who have registered their interest at the moment, so there is certainly excitement around the tournament — looks like it’s going to be a great pre-SiGMA social!

Group 1 
Matching Visions

Group 2 
All-in Translations
Team Knipster
Axl Affiliates

Group 3
R-tekkers (Raketech)
Bethard 2

Group 4
Reactivation Group
Mr. Green


Semi final 1 (pitch 1 13:45): Winner group 1 vs. winner group 2

Semi final 2 (pitch 2 13:45): Winner group 3 vs. winner group 4

Final: Pitch 2 14:30.

Winning team gets their name engraved on a trophy – on condition they promise to bring it back next year.


SiGMA Cup by All-in Translations 2016

4.0 – Game Play Laws

-Referee decisions are final and players will be warned/sent off if the referee (or other players) are abused verbally or physically.
-There is a zero-tolerance towards violence. Any violence will result in an immediate ban for the rest of the season (possibly longer). The team captain is obliged to provide the referee with the name of the person(s) in question. If a false name is given or the name of the person(s) in question is not provided, the league management reserves the right to ban the whole team for the rest of the season.
-An accumulation of 2 yellow bookings will lead to a suspension of one match.
-Sliding tackles are not allowed.
-Players shall be cautious when challenging close to the walls. Any dangerous challenges shall be strictly punished.
-If the ball hits the wall on the sides, there will be a kick-in.
-If the ball hits roof net, there will be a kick in from the side closest to where the ball hit.
-If the whole ball goes past a line next to a goal, it’s out (ball does not have to hit the wall to be out).
-A back pass can be played to the goalkeeper, but he can’t play the ball with this hands. This is subject that the ball is played directly by the defender to the goalkeeper and by his feet.
-A goalkeeper can score if he plays the ball with his feet. If the goalkeeper catches the ball with his hand in his area and he then plays the ball with his feet, he can score. This means that a goalkeeper can’t score a goal directly with his hands.
-Balls will be provided, however we encourage teams to bring balls of their own to be safe. The referee will decide the best ball to be used to play the match.
-No offside rule.
-No goal kicks. Goalkeepers shall place the ball back in play with their hands. Goalkeepers are unable to score directly with a hand throw, unless the ball is touched by a fellow player or opponent prior to entering in goal.
-Direct free kick & indirect free kick: a referee puts up his hand when he signals for an indirect free kick only.
-Distances: 2 meters distance for fouls and 2 meter kick-in.
-All players must wear appropriate shoes (no long studs etc.). Referee will decide what is appropriate (not dangerous).
-Preferably all kits must have a number on their backs.
-A player who has been sent off must leave the vicinity of the pitch. The team cannot replace a player which has been sent off.

4.1 – Substitutions

No clock stoppage for substitutions. A substitution can be made at any time, regardless of whether the ball is in play or not. These are better known as fly-substitutions. Substitutions should be made from the middle of the pitch and in such a way that the player leaving the field exists before the entering player.The referees can punish teams with yellow card(s) if the substitution is done in a way that gives the substituting team an advantage or their opponents a disadvantage.

Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
Are you an operator looking for top affiliates? Are you a top affiliate looking for a nice treat with like-minded affiliates playing at the same level?

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