Ecosystem: Empowering a New Generation of Internet Users

Discover how the revolutionary network ecosystem is shaping the future

According to the Global Findex, 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked, yet two-thirds of them own a mobile phone that could help them access financial services. With over 81% of the developing world having access to the internet, digital technology can change the future of how transactions are conducted and bring all those who are currently unbanked into the financial system.

What’s The Future of FinTech?

ai blockchain Ecosystem: Empowering a New Generation of Internet Users Martin Simonyan international IT company’s Board Member Martin Simonyan sees the answer to this question in a non-linear way by bringing innovation and new tech solutions to the industry.

“ was built on the concept that advanced technologies should benefit all people,” says Mr. Simonyan, “The goal of the company is to automate and improve the experience of networking, trading, and conducting transactions.

By using new FinTech solutions and digital currencies companies like can transform the economic prospects of billions of people. Integrating unbanked new internet users into the financial system will increase the value of their assets.

With the spread of internet and mobile devices, many developing countries already have the tools they need to improve their lives. digital network simply aims to empower them.”

Taking note of these trends and assessing the facts, several visionaries were inspired to found digital network - an ecosystem that combines a social platform (meNetwork), payment service (mePay) and marketplace (meMarket). As a result, users can network, earn rewards, shop and pay using a single app.

meNetwork: Empowering Active Users

meNetwork is a new-generation social platform that rewards active users with ME Token. Based on their social activity, social ranking, and content users can earn up to 50% of advertising-generated revenue. Users can manage their accounts, connect with people who share their hobbies and interests, and engage them with content they post.

“This is a revolutionary concept for shaping the future of social media. We encourage users to be compensated for their time spent online. The most precious thing we have is time and we want the phrase “time is money” to literally mean something for our users,” says mePay service Board Member Dimitri Barinstein.

Another feature of meNetwork is that users can create and subscribe to magazines, which are online journals filled with content, categorized by topic. Most trending content appears on’s “Hot feed” that curates quality posts across the network.

Whether an individual user, business or brand meNetwork creates a conducive environment for earning and advertising. The network allows for promo campaigns to reach target audiences and receive statistical feedback.

Metcalfe's law states that the effect of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system. For this means the more people join and engage with the network the more valuable the ecosystem will become.

mePay: Revolutionary Payment Service

ai blockchain Ecosystem: Empowering a New Generation of Internet Users

“Every innovation brings new rules and changes. We are developing a fully compliant ecosystem with a set of innovative solutions that are shaping the future of not only electronic money but money in general,” says Dimitri Barinstein.

mePay will be the payment service of Its intention is to combine blockchain technology, virtual currency, fiat currencies, and electronic money and become a comprehensive solution for unbanked individuals. ME Token, the ecosystem’s internal currency, which has been listed on CoinAll crypto exchange since February 11, 2019 serves as a unifying component.

ai blockchain Ecosystem: Empowering a New Generation of Internet Users Dimitri Barinstein.

On one hand, the token can be used for all internal transactions within the digital network and on the other hand, it will be exchangeable, so users can convert ME Token into the currency of their choice.


When users join, they are automatically given a meWallet that allows them to store their monthly rewards in ME or conduct free transactions within the digital network. The team behind understands that by leveraging mobile technologies, we can provide digital financial services for all and rapidly unlock economic opportunity and accelerate social development.

mePay is tightly connected to meNetwork and meMarket.

meMarket: Innovative Trading Platform

ai blockchain Ecosystem: Empowering a New Generation of Internet Users

The beta version of’s trading platform, meMarket, will be launched soon. The platform will allow users to buy and sell goods from one another (C2C) as well as from international brands and manufacturers (B2C) using ME Token. It will also offer a user-friendly interface, one-click buying/selling, and secure transactions.

The trading platform became a logical extension of the social network as more social platforms have begun to serve not only a means of communicating but also as a way of exchanging goods and services.

As more users join, meMarket will become a popular destination for buying and selling goods. Here, users can discuss product details directly with sellers in real-time and share shopping information with their subscribers. This does not require users to switch to other platforms in order to buy or leave reviews; all these features are concentrated in one place and easy to use.

meMarket also offers an interesting cross-platform method of showcasing products. When a product is advertised it can be optionally displayed on both the meNetwork newsfeed and on meMarket. If a user is interested in the product, they will have the option of purchasing it directly from their newsfeed.

Join the digital network today by downloading on iOS or Android.

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