Alpha Boot Camp series confirmed for 2019

Success in pilot event translates into an extended run

SiGMA iGaming Alpha Boot Camp series confirmed for 2019 ABC, Buenos Aires.

SiGMA made it's Latin American debut with the Alpha Boot Camp in Buenos Aires, and the newly-minted series has been confirmed for 2019. The purpose of the event was to foster integration and cooperation between two regional markets, in signature style. Operators from the LatAm market were exposed to a handful of elite European suppliers.

The centrepiece conference focused on a number of interesting topics that drew engagement from the LatAm operators in attendance. That quality, informative content came alongside an unparalleled opportunity for networking that the organisers have a reputation for.

SiGMA iGAming Alpha Boot Camp series confirmed for 2019 The event is confirmed for 2019.

The organising team did not leave anything to chance for the debut event, getting the work-play balance just right and the intimate setting proved conducive to some solid business.

With a successful debut already accomplished, the venue for the next edition of the Alpha Boot Camp is confirmed, with Manila mooted as a likely host. The formula is expected to remain unchanged, as the marquee event will continue to target integration between operators and suppliers from as yet disparate markets.

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