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An important year for iGaming in Malta

There is plenty of history for you to read about and feast your eyes upon while there. A hundred years ago, this little island in the heart of Europe, was nick named the Nurse of the Mediterranean. A century later, it has gained the reputation as one of the most sought after ICT countries in the world. It’s new nickname? iGaming Malta.

Malta is set to become this year’s focal point for igaming conferences. The endorsement of private and public sectors in identifying the importance of remote igaming in Malta, is no mistake. Plans for combining several industries together even at university level to boost remote igaming in Malta are currently being discussed. Diploma and degree programmes will contribute to bridge the current skills gap due to the lack of training programmes specific to the iGaming Malta industry.

With the igaming summit only weeks away, the plans for the biggest igaming conference ever to be held about remote igaming in Malta and beyond, Malta will see over 2,000 delegates from well over 60 countries around the world coming together and discussing the importance of this and other sectors during this first igaming seminar of its kind.

Over 60 speakers and 80 exhibitors will ‘conquer’ this igaming conference for a whole weekend between the 30th October and the 2nd November 2014. And this is just the beginning. Plans to organise further igaming summits, to give the chance to igaming companies, affiliates and others to boost their businesses and networks are underway.

And it comes to no surprise that the national government is seeing the true potential of this sector and is investing heavily in it. In fact, come midsummer and the Parliamentary Secretary responsible for this sector announced that an academy is to be set up to help the remote igaming in Malta further.

“It is no wonder that igaming Malta is the most suitable destinantion for remote igaming businesses around the globe”, he concluded.

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