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An interview with Enteractive's Mikael Hansson

How would you describe Enteractive’s core mission?

sigma igaming  An Interview With Enteractive Mikael Hansson

Our core mission at Enteractive is to change the way we look at customers in this industry. Everyone focuses on new players, whilst we focus on taking care of existing ones in a very personal and effective way. We’re in this industry to change that perception and to show that investing in your old database does actually bring rewards. We’ve decided to go against the grain in the industry to focus on unlocking hidden loyalty and value.

How do you retain customer loyalty? How are their needs different to those of new players?

Well, I honestly don’t think that their needs are different, you just have to give them the courtesy they need. You do that for new players through bonuses with sign-ups, but it’s easy to forget to ensure that your loyal customers also receive something in return. However, we don’t only focus on giving away things like bonuses, but on useful information, such as new updates on the website or information on available games, or new campaigns. There’s also an educational side to what we do – such as offering guidance to customers and helping them understand certain offers they have access to but wouldn’t be aware of, like loyalty schemes for example. This is why we ensure our agents always have to be updated with any brands they may be representing.

The same goes for our Customer Support department. We always invite our partners to our offices, to let them present their brand to our team and tell us what they’re all about. That way, we can ensure that we’re helping them in a more personalised and customised way.

What are your long-term goals for Enteractive, where do you see the company heading in the next 5 years?

In essence, our long-term goal is to create somewhat of a guiding light in terms of what you can reach by investing in your players. I definitely believe that we will be the biggest and most developed provider of retention and loyalty services.

How do you balance the need to make money with your mission to provide value?

A big part of our revenue growth is due to our rev. share model with our partners; which makes things rather simple. Basically the more value we unlock, the more money we create. So it’s actually a natural balance.

The same goes for support. The more traffic, the more activity customers have on their sites and the more we improve on solving their customers’ issues based on our clients KPIs - the more they generate and the more we earn. It’s a hand in hand process.

How did you find your way into the iGaming world? What attracted you to this particular industry?

For me, it was quite simple really. I thought that the industry was very interesting as it is rather young, yet rapidly developing. It was around 12 to 13 years ago when I had heard about a project focusing on reactivating churned players, which was very successful, despite the lack of focused attention it was given. So that made me realise that there was a need for this in the industry. The customers enjoyed receiving personal phone calls that listened to their needs.

Therefore, if this project can deliver good results despite poor management, a long-term strategy, proper planning, and management could help it run to its full potential. And that’s where things took off.

In your view, what are the biggest challenges the iGaming market will have to contend with going forward?

In my opinion, I think we will see a growth in mature marketing. Like in any other industry, those mature markets will have to take care of their existing customers and in general develop better methods in order to keep up with competitors.

Also, in a regulated market you will have to work towards compliancy. Whether it’s GDPR, or ePrivacy Directive or any other regulations, that’s going to be another part of everyday life for the iGaming industry and for us at Enteractive too. That is why we have invested so much time and resources focused on actually understanding what we need to do to be compliant.

What new areas of innovation are you looking to delve into?

This year we launched our new, state-of-the-art, proprietary dialler system which automates and optimises according to KPIs and focuses largely on security. The next step is to work on artificial intelligence in order to become smarter in the way we schedule calls and contact customers at optimal times. We will keep adjusting to further accommodate the end user.

This can also be said for Customer Support. We will work towards minimising the trivial requests and contacts we receive through a proactive approach such as good FAQs and pop-up chats when customers really need help. This will tie in with our reporting technique, where we report specialised feedback received from a customer back to our client. Through this, we will aim to improve our first contact resolution rate, by being smarter and more automated, but never losing that personal touch.

Which regulatory developments are likely to change the landscape of the industry going forward?

As mentioned earlier, working within a regulated industry, this is just a part of our everyday life. Countries all have their own regulations that we have to deal with. As we saw with GDPR, which dealt with data privacy and ePrivacy, there will always be more regulations. There will be changes in anti-money laundering, in responsible gaming and many more. We just have to deal with it and ensure that we are constantly up to date and compliant.

Do you have any exciting plans in the works that we can announce?

Well, we are currently going through a full renovation of our new offices in order to build a sports-themed Coffee Bar on our premises. We’re hoping that the transformation will give our staff an informal place to have meetings, recharge their batteries, a place to watch games with clients and more. We are constantly working towards making our Enteractive Family feel at home in our offices, and this will hopefully do just that.


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