An introduction to SiGMA Careers by Oliver de Bono

Addressing the human resources deficit

The Maltese labour market, which includes the iGaming industry, is currently experiencing very definite challenges in human resources. If neglected, this very important factor of growth will turn into a limiting one, and stymie the progress our iGaming community has kept up for the last few years.

There are several triggers behind the increasing difficulty experienced by HR departments in Malta – the recruitment and retention of talent is governed by a number of factors that individual organisations may not be able to control on their own. It takes a concerted buy-in from all the stakeholders involved to address the wider human resources issue in Malta.

For instance, the steadily rising cost of living has placed extra pressure on company shoulders, leaving them with little choice but to increase salaries in order to retain flighty employees. Also cause for concern is the laborious process of securing the right entry and work documents for foreign employees – encountering miles of red tape can be an off-putting task. The island has also been grappling with a brain-drain for some years now, with some of its best and brightest leaving for pastures new.

The resulting talent shortfall has inspired the launch of SiGMA Careers – which features as one of the main pillars of a newly-revamped site, and which will offer the iGaming community unique access to SiGMA’s well-furnished network. A finely-tuned database will provide operators with a comprehensive tool, through which those in the industry can source some of the best minds out there.

In conjunction with this, a conference is planned to take place this year – the SiGMA Careers Convention. Alongside all-important opportunities for networking, the conference will feature an open talk in the form of a panel discussion. The talk will revolve around three main, pertinent points of discussion. Firstly – the importance of training to bolster the attainment of crucial key skills necessary to the industry. Secondly – the process of luring potential talent through recruitment tools and company branding. Lastly – the upkeep of the Maltese talent pool. What can be done to bolster the local human resources ecosystem?

This convergence of industry regulars will attempt to answer these and some of the other most pressing recruitment issues facing the island today, looking not just at employee retention but at the main causes driving them to look elsewhere. At SiGMA, we believe that there’s a need for this conversation to happen as soon as possible. We look forward to promoting this conversation, and taking an active part in it.


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