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Are you GDPR Ready? Smart Technologies is your local expert

Data Management Begins with Discovery

What GDPR forces business leaders to consider, however, is where every single piece of personal data is across their IT estate – including the Cloud.

Taken in this context, the question of the data that an organisation holds on individuals becomes a far more complex one to answer, and one that is going to require time, resource and budget.

A thorough approach to data discovery, properly implemented, will lead you to data that you did not know about.  Usually organisations have multiple gigabytes of data ‘hiding’ throughout their network, including company sensitive information, personally identifiable data and duplicated information; all of which could be misappropriated or mistakenly shared.

No Excuses for Not Knowing what data you have! – Starting with What You Know

Most organisations have distinct functional areas with distinct processes and tools for holding data on individuals. Once this initial dataset is understood, it becomes important to identify what is personal data, and what is not.  This is further broken down into data that could be used to identify an individual, and information that would be classified as sensitive.

Creating Your Audit Trail with the Clipboard Approach No Longer Works

Unknown Data is your Biggest risk. Understanding your ‘known data’ is just the first part of the process and it is easy for organisations to forecast the potential impact of inaccuracies or poor governance on the data that they already have. The risk is tangible because the data is visible.  The greater danger is for organisations to stop at simply recording and securing what they have, as the biggest threat to their business could be from the data that they cannot see.

Hidden data presents numerous risks to an organisation, and every organisation will have some stored somewhere on their network. The fact that unknown data exists makes it impossible for an organisation to quantify its risk of exposure without specialist tools to turn that unknown data into a known data asset.

The Solution to Discovering Hidden Data is Search, Big Data and Machine Learning

Smart Technologies has partnered with Exonar offering a specialised IT solution, that will compress the amount of time, removes the hidden cost, and takes away the potential for human error in data collection and management by leveraging Machine Learning and Big Data to undertake data discovery and classification. Our solutions provide the functionality for organisations to audit, identify and classify hidden, high-risk data held within a network – whether it’s Cloud, on premise or hybrid.

This is not about using technology for its own sake, but to speed up the process by which businesses can make smart decisions, especially considering the timelines involved in GDPR.  This gives organisations the scalability to process millions of documents across multiple platforms, make classification intuitive and search like you’re using a search engine – not something that requires a database admin.

Approaches to Data Discovery – Smart Technologies’ Solution 

Our solution provides Automated Data Discovery with the following features

  • Intelligent Classification
  • Provision of Digital Search
  • Analysis of the document structure to inform identification
  • Understanding context in which data is provided
  • Use surrounding words and phrases to pinpoint the right data
  • Identify all hidden data
  • Provide continuous identification and management of data in near real-time

Conclusion – Your Data Will Determine Your Compliance – Let us Help you!

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