Argentina's illegal gambling sites on the rise in times of pandemic

Provincial regulators have revealed an increase in the illegal gambling sites and clandestine gambling installations

Walter Martello, Buenos Aires Deputy Ombudsman (seen below), skope about an increase in illegal gambling entities to Radio 99.9 and said “…illegal gambling is expanding in all provinces (..) It’s hard to identify and track it because once we find them, they remove their sites (..)

The country that has made the biggest progress in online gambling is Colombia, which has regulated the industry a few years ago, but in Latin America in general this is not happening.” He further explained that the authorities of the country are considering a revision of the regulations to make the changes necessary to control gambling in the country, hopefully preventing this type of activity.

Sites that enable taking advantage of the online  ecosystem such as Facebook have been asked to comply with these needs and improve the filters to eliminate illegal gambling from their sites, making a clear statement about the importance of tech giants and the state to be involved in the process, as it affects the younger generations.

“In Buenos Aires, a specific site was set up so people can file complaints, but the problem is that they’re difficult to follow,” the deputy added.

While the Argentinian gambling and betting landscape has been improving after the heavy blow the pandemic has dealt, with racetracks recently opening under new measures, the jurisdiction is still awaiting the implementation of a sports betting regulation for the mentioned illegal practices.

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