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Armenian advertising gets amended

Armenia has altered its laws relating to gambling and advertisement

In line with the new regulations, only local gambling operators will be permitted to advertise in the country. An additional condition is that gambling advertising should be only aimed at citizens over 21 years of age.

Advertising of gambling on radio and TV will be constrained between 10 pm and 6 am. The penalty for violating the law will be 1 million drams which equates to approximately $2000.

The industry has taken some hard hits in advertising laws lately. With regions such as Italy tightening the belt in terms of advertising restrictions, the industry must learn to adapt to these amendments.

SiGMA iGaming Armenian advertising gets amended The new law sees that only local gambling operators will be allowed to advertise with restrictions.

The Armenian government has also changed the law surrounding lotteries, according to which the gambling business will be restricted to special zones of Tsakhkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk, and Meghri.

Tsaghkadzor is a city in the Koktaisk region, one of the most popular ski and climate resorts in the country which accepts tourists all year round. Sevan is a city popular with tourists due to the largest source of fresh water in Armenia - Lake Sevan.

It is foreseen that the construction of the gambling zone will promote the development of this region. Jermuk is another resort town with at least nine hotels opened.

Meghri is a city abundant in historical landmarks in the south of Armenia. Due to its climate, as well as its developed infrastructure, it is potentially a lucrative project for the gambling and entertainment resort area.

The alterations come after Armenia’s National Assembly in January unanimously voted to increase the minimum gambling age in the country from 18 to 21 for those betting on sports or playing lottery games.

However, these amendments were accompanied by higher faces for operators that breach the regulations. Fines are now set at around $4200 for the first violation, then $10000 and $20000 for second and third breaches.

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