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Basic SEO Suggestions: Climbing up the Google Ladder

Affiliates invest in various strategies in order to direct traffic to their websites and generate bigger amounts of revenues. To achieve satisfactory results they rely on search basic SEO engine marketing (SEM) techniques to improve ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). This element of marketing plays exceptionally important role to promote brand and acquire wider target audience. Brands’ constantly attempt to climb up the ranking of SERP ladder and engage into ferocious competition. Normally, affiliates employ search engine optimization (SEO) experts, however many of them take DIY attitude and enter the perplexities of SEO on their own. Here are some basic tips and advices for beginner affiliates on that matter ???.

At the beginning it is essential to find appropriate “keyword” that grasps the general idea of the website what is fundamental for every SEO campaign. By typing specific keywords into search engine people find targeted sites, so be careful when focusing on this task. Free various optimization tools are at hand to prepare and conduct research in order to select proper words, e.g. Google Adwords, Webconfs.com or Iwebtool.com.

Avoiding general, broad terms (also known as ‘fathead’ or ‘vanity’ words) will keep the website out of the big competition among other sites which use the same keywords. One word or two is not enough. The right choice are so called ‘longtail’ keywords, not exceeding number of five limit. They are directing traffic to more detailed search and provide SERP with lesser competition. The recommended number is from 3 to 5 longtail words.

How does it work? Instantly, the Google search engine collects indexed web pages and stores to retrieve necessary links whenever an inquiry is typed in. Searching is conducted according to such words appearance in:
The page title
URL address
Content and its quality (Body text)
Similar keywords (Synonyms)
Meta description
Page ranking

By applying some SEO techniques may hugely improve ranking of websites in search engines and increase their popularity what is the ultimate goal of the whole effort.

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