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BETR all geared up for the European Football season

BETR delivers markets and odds for major football leagues

The BETR team has announced its deliverance of markets and odds as the major football leagues, including the English Premier League, kick off this weekend. 

CEO and Founder, Adriaan Brink commented: “We provided comprehensive markets for all World Cup games including in-game markets and the level of laying provided wide betting opportunities from the start. We naturally encountered some challenges, especially concerning gas fees on the Ethereum network, but we’re working on enhancements in the short term to mitigate the costs.  In the longer term we’re looking for more robust Blockchain solutions while still retaining our core commitment to keeping the betting process on chain and decentralised.” 

The Championship league was launched last week along with baseball and cricket. The BETR apps, available for Android and web with an IOS application pending, have been updated.  Better functionality and a more user-friendly experience, especially for punters new to the crypto space are just some of the enhancements  

Brink continued: “We are on track, delivering what our White Paper promised, on time and with a nomination for ‘Best Cryptocurrency Gaming Platform’ in the CEEG Awards, things are looking promising for BETR,” said Brink  

Following the successful launch of BETR’s platform for the World Cup, BETR has also proudly announced its listing on the Changelly exchange, that allows easy token purchases on betr.org and the betrwallet.com websites using credit cards, a major breakthrough.   The BETR team are also actively working with 3rd parties to provide more user-friendly cashiers and payment options both inwards and outwards.  

Using the BETR system, bets are placed, matched and resulted on the Blockchain using mobile friendly apps. The apps use APIs which are now complete and documented on the website, enabling 3rd party app development. 

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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