May 2 / 2018
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Better Collective to receive financing from Nordea for expansion

Better Collective gains financial support from partner Nordea

Better Collective has secured financing to continue its strategy of growth through mergers and acquisitions in the form of a loan agreement with Nordea for $41.3m.

The Founder and CEO of Better Collective, Jesper Søgaard, commented: “With eight successful acquisitions in 2017 and the first two secured in 2018, we are rapidly strengthening our position on the top of the European iGaming affiliate market. To have this financing in place now means that we can keep the pace and make room for accelerating Better Collectives successful acquisition growth.”

The credit facilities are part of Better Collectives partnership with Nordea which began in 2017. The Interest rate for the credit is set at the banks standard rate.

The Danish-based developer of educational platforms within the iGaming industry also secured a loan agreement with Danske Andelskassers Bank for $12.16m bringing the company’s total bank credit facilities to $53.46m for future mergers and acquisitions.

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