Betway player becomes a millionaire in 25 minutes

Betway player Jon Heywood lands 8-figure jackpot

Jon Heywood was casually looking at his online slots game, Mega Moolah, when, within 25 minutes of half-hearted playing, he hit a millionaire jackpot.

SiGMA iGaming Betway Jon Heywood receiving the enormous cheque.

"Next thing I know, there’s a big wheel spinning," he says. "I thought: 'Brilliant, I’ve won 10 grand here.' But no. Oh, good God, no."

No indeed. Jon – then a British soldier – had actually won £13,213,838.68.

Jon’s jackpot, which was subsequently certified by Guinness World Records as the "largest jackpot pay-out in an online slot machine game" – came in October 2015, and it’s fair to say his life has changed dramatically since then.

Betway has released a documentary telling Heywood's story, and reveals what the overnight millionaire has done with his fortune.

"What the hell is going on?!" Jon relives the moment he realised he’d won £13.2m, just 25 minutes after becoming a Betway customer.

"He didn’t seem as excited as a normal winner would be!" Alan Alger, Betway’s Head of PR, explains how the jackpot was won and how Guinness World Records got involved.

"At the end of the day, money can’t buy a new heart and lung." Jon and his mother Carol discuss how he has been able to help his dad Douglas.

"We always had this pact that if we won some money, we’d help each other out.” But just how much did Jon gift to his friend Michael? (Spoiler: it's more than you think.)

"For me to comprehend having all that money, I had to work for it." Jon explains why it was never an option for him stop working.

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