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Bingo Basics!

It is claimed that Italians brought to Europe one of the biggest discoveries in leisure and entertainment in XVI Century. This game requires a skilled reflex and swift mind, as well as a pinch of luck. Bingo, a great cousin of lottery games, originated in the European cradle of pasta and romanticism.

The pure beauty of the game is evoked by the fact that it is unique in possibilities of social integration among gamers. The social aspect of the game suits perfectly different events and congregations what is oftenly observed in charitable and church organizations. In North American countries Bingo halls are a common facilities. For example in US Nevada there is a huge number of casino-based parlors 33 and California 27. In the whole US it gives totally 165 casinos with Bingo commodities. Nevada state Bingo parlors attract locals and provide games with fairly low stakes and thanks to that local players build up bigger loyalty.

In order to gather more players and address younger audience Bingo companies are investing money to develop their facilities technologically. And attempt to change the image of Bingo as a game for seniors and young, and adjust it for current demands, especially in Internet. Companies are moving their land-based businesses online to expand potential. The Minnesota Gambling Control Board enables to combine several Bingo halls to increase the stakes and bring playing experience to higher level.

In US online Bingo is illegal but Global Betting and Gaming Consultants assess that revenues across globe reached 1 bln $ in 2010.

Here are some basic rules of Bingo. Every player receives a card with numbers that vary from 1 to 75 (Bingo 75), or to 90 (Bingo 90). Then numbers are drawn and displayed at flashboards. Players need to find the displayed numbers on their cards to form patterns and then call Bingo.

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