Bit8 and its revolutionary mobile-friendly lottery game Lotto Hero

Malta-based innovative gaming platform software developer Bit8 is set to dazzle their targeted millennials with its revolutionary mobile friendly lottery game Lotto Hero which will be hosted on multiple operator sites.

Bit8 stand at SiGMA 2016

Bit8 stand at SiGMA 2016

Bit8 at SiGMA 2016

Bit8 at SiGMA 2016

Launched earlier this month at ICE, Lotto Hero is designed to appeal to millennials offering players a chance to win €1 million an hour, 24 hours a day. All players are required to do is purchase a €2 Lotto Hero coupon before each draw which is made every hour around the clock. To guarantee at least €1 million in winnings, one must correctly choose seven numbers and the correct card suit which is drawn at random. Lotto Hero offers a second chance draw for players that did not win the first time which significantly increased their chances of a win.

Bit8 also plans to use it to boost acquisition, retention and conversion rates for operators along with expanding their players lifetime value and strengthing cross-selling opportunities.

The software provider will also pledge 1% of profits for Lotto Hero to a Charity Hero fund which will distribute the money to good causes. Players also have the option to be a hero and donate part of their winnings.

Cover story Angelo Dalli

Bit8 CEO Angelo Dalli

Bit8 Chief Executive Angelo Dalli said: “We are very excited about the launch of Lotto Hero, the first truly interactive lottery on the market; there is nothing else like it.”

“It’s ability to appeal to every type of player anywhere in the world at any time of the day will give operators who sign up to it a genuine competitive edge.”

“With guaranteed millionaire-maker hourly jackpots 24 hours a day, it has the capability of taking operators and their players from ordinary to extraordinary.”

Bit8 will offer a free set-up for an initial number of clients and integration is expected to take no more than 10 working days.

Formed back in 2010, Bit8 now works with many of the top online casinos offering the most advanced bonus system in the industry covering numerous gaming suppliers, promotions and tournaments, cross products and a seamless wallet integration.


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