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Brazilian Senator Ângelo Coronel defends gambling legalisation

The way to improve the fiscal situation is to fight smuggling and legalise gambling


Brazilian Senator Angelo Coronel, has declared to the Congress that the gaming industry, once legalised in Brazil, could generate around 20 billion in taxes to the Government annually, being an important tool to boost the country’s economy.  


“I believe we have to take the opportunity that the Congress is discussing about revision of some legislations and legalise games in the country. There are another R$20 billion that could oxygenate the economy [within the gambling industry] said the senator, as reported by the local news website iGaming Brazil. 


IFile:Senadores da 56ª Legislatura - Angelo Coronel (46293125174 ...t is important to highlight that among many law projects awaiting for votes in the National Congress, the Project 186/2014 is one of the most completes in terms of the legalisation of land-based and online games in Brazil, such as bingos, iGaming, casinos, integrated resorts. The project has been supported by diverse politicians, including the senator Angelo Coronel. 


The Senator is also a member of the Parliamentary Front of Gaming Regulations, which aims to discuss the topic. His position has been in favour of the legalisation in Brazil for years, as mentioned in an article published by iGaming Brazil. 


Brazil is one of the few countries member of G20 and the only one in Mercosul that has not regulated the gambling industry yet. The country has been facing a financial crisis and diverse politicians believe it is time to regulate the market, which would boost the economy, generate more jobs, taxes and revenue to the public coffers. 


The supporters affirm that the regulation in the country would attract more tourists for the region, thus also boosting the tourism sector in Brazil. Regulation of integrated resorts has been greatly discussed by the politicians. 


Another important point is that the regulation in the country would help to eliminate illegal activities in the region such as “Jogo do Bicho”, games operated in the black market, illegal websites and slots machines. 


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