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Brits vote against politicians setting spending limits on betting

The UK Betting and Gaming Council report that a new poll shows that the majority of voters believe politicians shouldn't interfere on betting spending caps

The YouGov survey, carried out by the UK Gambling Commission, concluded that the majority of voters are opposed giving politicians the power to cap spending limits on betting. 

This finding is reported to be linked to the ongoing Gambling Act Review. Additionally, the survey was carried out as an extension to the Gambling Commission's affordability consultation whilst calls for a £100 limit on the maximum potential loss for punters is in discussion. However, critics have warned that executing affordability limits could slash over £60 million "from the amount of money horseracing receives from the betting levy". 

Findings from the survey deduce that out of a poll of 1,683 British adults, 51% refute spending limits set by politicians, while only 27% are in favour of the motive. 

Moreover, the survey also highlighted some concerning findings such as 59% of voters argue that they will look for alternatives in the unlicensed an illegal black market "if there are too many limits placed on people to bet". Back in December, SiGMA News had reported that there are  27 million visits on black market gambling sites in the UK in a year. These statistics highlight that unregulated sites are still a problem the UK government needs to tackle.

Michael Dugher, chief executive of the Betting and Gaming Council, commented:

Michael-DugherMy view is that limits are good, which is why people betting are now strongly encouraged to set their own limits on how much they spend. Affordability checks are also a good thing. But technology enables betting companies to see where customers are starting to display what we call ‘markers of harm’. In this way, potential problem gamblers and others who may be more at risk could be subject to enhanced affordability checks.

Such a move would potentially also have serious ramifications for horseracing in particular, which relies heavily on the money it receives from the betting levy.

I hope politicians will also take heed of the findings and listen to voters in Northern and Midlands marginal seats – who will be key to the result of the next election – who are wary of being told by Westminster how to live their lives, especially in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

The BGC fully supports the Gambling Review and we want to see big changes, but it’s important that ministers get those changes right.”

In similar news, SiGMA News recently reported that online bank Monzo had urged the UK government to enforce gambling blocks for UK banks.

Source: Betting and Gaming Council (BCG)

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