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Buenos Aires lottery agencies on the road to recovery

After an abrupt closure of official betting agencies in Buenos Aires, activities have resumed slowly

Since March 19th, the official betting agencies of the Quiniela and Quiniela Plus experienced an abrupt closure due to the expansion of the pandemic.

Five months after and the agencies have begun resuming activities slowly. 

Around 4,300 businesses in the province of Buenos Aires were affected, having to stop their activity immediately after the closure notice, not only harming their business but also the clients who were waiting for their bets to be collected.

The uncertainty caused by this closure was also due to the inability of the agencies to pay the public institutions with which the lottery income is associated, such as hospitals and schools. 

Argentina – Buenos Aires bingo halls forced to shut despite court ...As of Wednesday, July 22, the Provincial Institute of Lottery and Casinos (IPLyC) announced that the operation and functioning of the Quiniela and Quiniela Plus betting agencies will be enabled again throughout the province, provided that they comply with the preventive measures and the Safety, Hygiene and Health Protocol described in Resolution No. 68/2020.

Until the above-mentioned date, no agency could open except on Monday 8 June for only two hours, due to a dispute between the measures established in the province and the mayors.

Activity will resume in 135 municipalities, following the strict measures of Governor Axel Kicillof in the new phase of the quarantine that aims to progressively introduce measures allowing the return to normalcy to the greatest extent possible. 

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