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The Brown's Camino Challenge by the SiGMA Foundation

Join the SiGMA Foundation in Spain for a week long walk through the Spanish forests and farmlands

The Camino de Santiago has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage for its important role encouraging cultural exchanges between people from all over Europe and the world for many centuries. The Camino de Santiago, today, is more than a pilgrimage, it's a unique experience and trip of a lifetime. The routes attract thousands of people from all over the world. The SiGMA Foundation will once again be providing the public with an opportunity to join this adventure whilst at the same time, providing philanthropy to the less fortunate.

This is a great program for volunteers who want to experience the wonders of Spain through amazing treks. Enjoy a variety of landscapes while travelling across the country: from coastal Camino routes to vineyards, mountains and tiny hamlets! This challenge entails a week long walk through the Spanish forests and farmlands. Funds collected over 12 months in anticipation of the event, will be invested in the aid of children in Ethiopia.

Keith Marshall, CPO of SiGMA Group Malta.

This is what Keith Marshall, our Chief Philanthropy Officer had to say - "We realise that the Kilimanjaro Challenge isn't up everyone's street, the commitment and training involved over a year would often prove to be too much. But it was also clear that something like the Camino would go down a dream. Tried and tested last year, it was wondrous. A time to contemplate life with its ups and downs, its trials and tribulations whilst walking leisurely through Spanish forests and farmland.

"We will be organising the first of hopefully many such expeditions on the 29th of April. It's a week long and will not set you back much at all. Moreover, we have an awesome group together so stopping for lunch en route daily is guaranteed fun - with a glass of tipple thrown in for good measure, why not? We’ll also be fund raising and the money raised will be going towards a kindergarten and high school that we have committed to in Bonga, Ethiopia."

For more information visit our Facebook event page and if this intrigues you or should you require more info, do hot hesitate to get in touch with Keith himself, he would love to hear from you.


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