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Canada rejects bill to regulate Sports Betting

This past Wednesday night in the Canadian parliament, the single-game sports wagering bill C-221 was shot down by a close vote of 156 to 133. The Canadian parliamentary attempt to regulate and decriminalise single-game sports betting for its citizens suffered a loss from the Liberal Party opposition.

Although the bill had the support of the Canadian liberal party, the New Democratic Paty (NDP), not everyone was convinced it should  be passed. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who is a member of the liberal party spoke out against the bill earlier this year. The bill would have been introduced to the House’s Committee on Justice and Human Rights if it had been approved. However, it seems the visions of single-gaming sports wagering in the countries near future have been buried.

New Democratic Party MP Brian Masse introduced the bill arguing that the passing of the bill would have helped fight organised crime, create jobs and contribute to the provincial economies throughout Canada.

This decision he stated would severely affect the Canadian economy. “By defeating this legislation the Liberal Government just endorsed an unacceptable reality in the gaming sector in Canada. They are well aware of the massive revenue stream sports wagering is providing organised crime to fund human trafficking, the illegal drug and weapons trade, money laundering and tax evasion.”

Masse further pointed out this failure on the government to regulate sports betting prevented an upwards of $10 billion in black market revenue to transition itself to the legitimate and taxable market. He noted that most of the MPs that were in opposition to the bill had no plausible reason for blocking the bill.

He remarked as well that along with the Liberal Party being satisfied with the victory, a couple other groups were pleased along with them. “Tonight organised crime is celebrating and popping a cork. And the Americans are laughing straight at us.”



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