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Cape Verde: the future gaming hub of Africa

Adeleye Awakan says that Cape Verde is turning into the hub for tourism and casino gambling in Africa

In an article written by Adeleye Awakan from E-play Africa, he refers to Cape Verde as the forthcoming hub in Africa.

The Republic of Cape Verde made retail and online gambling legal in 2005. However, the first licensed gambling facility opened in 2012. The Regulamenta de funcinamento dos Casinos e salas de Jogos is the act regulating gambling in Cape Verde. 

The ₤5m Casino Royal linked to the Hilton Hotel located in the tourist city of Satan Maria, Sal Island is the first notable land-based casino in Cape Verde.  

Macau businessman David Chow considers investments in Mozambique ... Adeleye Awakan gives his extensive research about Cape Verde and states, that the significant source of Cape Verde’s income is tourism. This country has several international routes connected to the rest of the world, making it a tourist  destination in Africa. 

Its pragmatic gambling legislation has attracted foreign investments - such as the Macau Legend Development Limited, a $273 million casino resort, currently under construction in the capital city Praia, on Santiago Island on the beach of Gamboa and is set to launch 4Q of 2020. 

According to a local report, David Chow, a Macau based investor under the Macau Legend Subsidiary CV Entertainment Co brand was granted 25 years’ license with 10-year monopoly, and 75-year land concession -  the investment of Macau' legend is the largest private investment in Cape Verde’s history. 

The country consists of 10 volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of West Africa and possesses five islands with stable gambling areas - Boa Vista, Maio, Sal, Santiago, and Sao Vicente. 

In 2018, Cape Verde reported to have welcomed 765,600 tourists and the government has set a target to reach 1 million tourists by 2021 with measures imposed such as Visa-free travel, incentives for private investments, and improvements in maritime transports flights between the country’s islands. 

However, such a goal looks out of reach at the moment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the tourism and casino sector work hand-in-hand in West Africa, and play a significant role in the country’s economic growth. 

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