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Card Games On Twitch Surge in Popularity

Twitch online card games take the world by storm

We live in an age now where streaming has become a hugely popular phenomenon. Streaming, if you didn’t know, is where people broadcast themselves doing something, in this case playing games, for other people to watch. There are various online platforms that are known as streaming sites that allow users to log on and either broadcast themselves or to spend time viewing other people live streaming. A couple of the most popular service providers are YouTube and Twitch.

Twitch is the biggest streaming platform around, with millions of people logging on each day to watch their favourite streams or to broadcast themselves. The games which are streamed regularly change in popularity over time, but a lot tend to always retain their core viewer base due to how successful the game continues to be over time; with loyal fans playing over the long term. One of the games this applies to is Hearthstone.

You can log onto Twitch at any time, day or night, and there are hundreds of people streaming Hearthstone with thousands of people watching but what makes a card game such as this so successful that people choose to watch others play it on a regular basis? First of all, like with a lot of card games streamed live, it isn’t all done in a rush. There is time for the streamer to interact with their audience while still playing the game. This interaction allows users to ask questions in regard to what they’re watching and that will help viewers improve their own approach when playing.

Hearthstone isn’t the only card game regularly streamed on Twitch.tv. People also regularly tune in to watch live poker and blackjack games. This is made possible because many casinos have live dealer options, which are played in real time with real croupiers. It’s a great way for viewers to observe and to pick up pointers that they can adapt to their own game. There are a lot of action packed games such as Playunknown’s Battlegrounds that are also watched by thousands but these titles tend to move at such a pace that it really is hard to keep up at times.

The steady nature of card based games really does allow viewers to closely watch a stream and actually learn. They can also interact with other viewers and the host in order to pick up tips and tricks along the way. For a lot of people, when they’re not playing their favourite game, watching someone else playing it is just as entertaining and just as good a source of fun.

The fact that these games are such a huge hit on Twitch, Hearthstone especially, also helps to raise the profile of the game and it helps to build and grow the community too. Some people may even feel inspired themselves to go on to become a streamer in some capacity. More and more companies are also now setting up live streaming channels in order to broadcast tournaments for example and this will only keep the streaming phenomenon growing.

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