Casino Luckia Bogotá, and its sanitary measures, qualified as “excellent” by the Minister of Commerce and Tourism of Colombia

Minister José Manuel Restrepo Abonado, visited Casino Luckia Bogotá to revise the sanitary and security protocols implemented since the opening of the casinos

From September 1, a substantial number of casinos in Colombia reopened in order to recover from the current economic situation that all gaming installations faced. A lot of workers lost most of their usual income, and casino premises were getting any at all.

Casino workers as well as owners, much like in other Latam regions, had frequently expressed their concern for the financial situation of their installations, and how long that situation could be maintained.

José Manuel Restrepo se posesionó como nuevo ministro de Comercio,  Industria y Turismo - Analdex - Asociación Nacional de Comercio ExteriorAfter reopening, strict sanitary measures took place, with imposed sanitary distance, the use of masks, frequent disinfection of the equipment and the constant temperature taking of any entering individual, among other measures.

The Colombian Federation of Gaming Entrepreneurs (Fecoljuegos) that was notified about the sudden visit of the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo Abonado, stated “We appreciate the attention that you have had with the activity and your interest in knowing how our establishments are adequate with the biosecurity measures."

The Minister of Commerce, after being in constant communication with the Federation during the closure the organization, described the measures implemented as excellent.

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