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Chile's sports betting regulation process reaching the finish line

Ministry of Finance estimates that this move can bring a contribution of at least $200m in annual revenue to the state

The current state of the mobile and online sports betting bill is currently being drawn up in its final stages to be presented to Congress.

Although no exact timeline was given to when the bill will be introduced to Congress, officials are estimating that this proposal will be debated in the coming weeks.

Minstery of Finance Chile

After the document is set, the regulation will "prevent the participation of minors, increase tax collection and make the source and destination of the resources obtained through these platforms transparent”.

Furthermore, officials from different political parties have shown their support for the regulation on the basis that they consider that “there are enough [votes] in the Senate to move forward”.

The legalisation of this market would solve a lot of issues especially with regards to illicit games.

Senator Rabindranath Quinteros notes that "the illegal online gambling market is growing exponentially, even more so with the ban that casinos have been subject to because of the pandemic.”

By regulating this market, the country can benefit financially and provide a safe and transparent environment for residents to gamble on sports.

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