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Coljuegos and Fecoljuegos sign new "pact for legality" promoting lawful practices within the online gaming sector in Colombia

The purpose of this agreement is to seek and eliminate cyber-crime and unauthorised gaming sites that operate illegally

Coljuegos has just announced an initiative to promote healthy gaming habits, the first meeting in regards to this topic will be broadcasted further along in September.

Apart from this initiative, it was also announced that the entity, along with the officials from the Ministry hidalgoof Information Technology and Communications, and the The Federación Colombiana de Empresarios de Juegos de Suerte y Azar (Fecoljuegos) has just signed a pact to regulate the legality of  online gambling.

Juan B. Pérez Hidalgo, president of Coljuegos, explained that the purpose of this agreement is to seek and eliminate cyber-crime and unauthorised gaming sites that operate illegally.

Operations will take place in conjunction with the cyber-crime division department of the National Police. Sanctions will be imposed on illegal gaming portals and applications that have been in the latest years asked repeatedly to comply and enter the legal system. Perez Hidalgo said “We will go after these domains, some located outside the country, to block them and prevent them from continuing to affect the sector."

The operations will also aim to protect the rights of legally authorised operators in Colombia, which with the recent pandemic are experiencing a critical situation, both from the imposed closure of their installations as well as from the costumers that, are now unable to bet how they usually did, and are finding new entities and websites to game on.

Coljuegos has explained that to date, a number of 4.132 pages that operate outside the legal authorisations have been blocked, and new ones that are still operating will be closed in the near future. In addition, they will apply all measures necessary to limit the access to foreign illegal sites accessed by Colombian customers.

About SiGMA Europe - Malta

SiGMA Group has announced the postponement of its Europe summit, which was planned to be held in Malta on 17-19 November 2020. The show will now open its doors early next year in February, running from the 16-18th, making it the first event to headline the 2021 gaming calendar.   

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