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ComplyRadar AML transaction monitoring

ComplyRadar utilises a full risk-based approach to demonstrate full ongoing compliance.

As Anti Money Laundering regulation strengthens and the risk of non-compliance increases, it has become essential for businesses dealing in large volumes of financial transactions to improve risk identification and detection of suspicious activity by implementing AML Transaction Monitoring.

Comply Radar

Not adhering to the ever-changing AML regulations can lead to reputational risk and potential fines. Too many false positives can inundate your compliance staff with unnecessary work. Plus, manual transaction monitoring processes are prone to human error which can result in a negative customer experience. Not having a comprehensive audit trail can further complicate matters.

ComplyRadar helps you address the AML transaction monitoring requirements by automatically identifying suspicious behaviour in real-time or on a scheduled basis, while minimising false positives. It monitors transactions related to individuals, accounts, and entities to detect suspicious activity quickly and effectively, through a fully audited process to inspect and act on flagged transactions.

ComplyRadar utilises a full risk-based approach to eliminate disruption to genuine customers, detect potential criminal behaviour, and demonstrate full ongoing compliance. It sends you notifications on the transactions that matter and enables you to automatically apply a full-pattern analysis to instantly see suspicious transactions in real-time. You can then manage flagged transactions through a comprehensive review process leading to the filing of a SAR when required.

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