Conajzar urged for transparency on unclaimed prizes

Paraguay's Senate Chamber has recently approved a request from Conajzar to share details about unclaimed prize money from 2015

The request, coming from Senator Abel González, asks for the statistics and information regarding unclaimed prices, and where the regulator directed the unassigned money, as well as whether or not it has been sent to charities.

The prizes are dictated to be claimed no more than 60 days after the draw, as stated by the Article 19 of Law No.1016, approved by the Congress of Paraguay, in relation to the exploitation of their games of chance. Conajzar then, if not claimed, must allocate the money in its entirety to charities, and the prize won't be able to be claimed.

The request form the Senate asks for the need of Conajzar to control and exercise an overviewing of the destination of these unclaimed prizes, as well as delivering the needed sanctions of those operators that don't comply with the process and law.

In regards to these request, president Mario Abdo Benítez has also been requested by different organizations to demand more transparency from Conajzar and the process involving these unclaimed prizes.

These organizations explain that they haven't seen any economic resources from the expected more than $30 million from the past few years. Juan Pablo Fernández, head of the Fundación Libre, said “Conajzar’s resources belong to civil organizations by law, and they allow us to continue our projects, which benefit people. These are millionaire contributions that haven’t been distributed in a long time,”.

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