Content Marketing Trends for iGaming

Content Marketing Trends for iGaming 

For many iGaming websites, content writing is the cornerstone of their internet marketing strategy. Supplying a steady stream of original and useful material not only benefits gaming websites by boosting their search engine rankings, but also provides an important touchpoint between the brand and its customers.

The fields of content writing and content marketing have shifted and evolved greatly over the years, however the absolute majority of the iGaming business seems to be unaware of the marketing possibilities that lie beyond the published word, as well as the diverse ways that a single piece of content can be re-interpreted and re-used across a wide variety of channels.


Targeted content

No matter how original and well-written the content on your website is, it will be merely filling up real estate on your web pages if it doesn’t resonate with your players’ interests and goals.

Content writing must be targeted to the player, and the truth is your website doesn’t have a player but several sub-groups of players with different: histories (old vs new winners), bankrolls (high-rolling vs low-rolling), gaming behaviour (casual vs serious), and gaming preferences (casino vs sports betting).

Seeing your players through the prism of these four character dimensions reveals a spectrum of player types (at least 16 basic ones), each of whom should be addressed with a specific tone and type of content.

Therefore it is vital that promotions—and the way in which they are communicated—should be targeted according to the underlying psychology of the player segment being addressed in order to increase the likelihood of a positive response.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Going multimedia (and multi-channel)

The written word is a content writer’s speciality but it needn’t be their sole method of communication. Unfortunately, many gaming websites seem to lack the imagination necessary to promote the experiences they offer in more exciting ways.

The focus of internet marketing today is multimedia and the good news is that you can work with your content writer to develop written material that can then be adapted to new digital media formats.

Podcasts, video tutorials, webinars and webisodes are media that are greatly underutilised by the iGaming industry, which is still heavily reliant on text and graphics when communicating with players.

The new media mentioned previously are all based on written scripts which any expert content writer can create and that serve to literally give a distinguishing voice (or face) to your internet gaming outlet. The potential of these channels will be greatly enhanced since players are being offered a more interactive experience even before firing up the hit game you’re promoting.


The year of audiovisual

The year 2015 has been touted as the year of video by many marketing experts. The ease and variety of methods to distribute video content online has increased over the years. Now, video content is finally set to reach a tipping point and spill over into every internet business’s marketing plan.

At first glance, video content may seem far removed from the practice of content writing as most people know it. However, the ability to deliver a tight narrative which combines together elements of persuasion, education and entertainment is the hallmark of a professional copywriter. Therefore writing for internet video should be part of the expert wordsmith’s arsenal already.

iGaming companies mustn’t miss the opportunity to capitalise on this trend as early as possible, while the rest of the industry is still slumbering in a bed made of text and hyperlinks. Content writing is more versatile than commonly believed and it is both the suppliers’ and contractors’ loss that they aren’t exploiting its potential to the full.


Stronger social integration

Social is an important aspect of any iGaming website’s content strategy. In fact, the lines between content marketing and social media marketing have become increasingly blurred, since the same content can be repurposed under various guises and on various channels.

Key takeaways from an article published on your website’s blog can be tweeted one by one over a period of time – linking back to your original post, snippets from a video can be posted on Facebook or YouTube, and interesting quotes from a podcast can be superimposed onto images and uploaded on Pinterest.

As you can see, written content can be sliced up and distributed in different ways, but you shouldn’t be the only one pushing content around.

Giving your players the tools to spread the content you publish virally is a no-cost, all-impact addition to your marketing efforts, especially if you make the effort to create content that is genuinely entertaining and informative.


In summary

Remote gaming operators, just like their non-gambling counterparts, have seen their audience grow and diversify over the years, such that it is no longer advisable or sensible to keep adopting a one-size-that-fits-all attitude to marketing.

Tailoring content to target specific player segments is quickly emerging as an essential requirement in content writing briefs, in a bid to provide a more analytical context to content writing rather than approach it as a purely intuitive endeavour.

Furthermore, it pays to be bold and present content in different formats, giving the opportunity to brands to gain more leverage from the content they have written for them and exposing players to their messaging multiple times without fatiguing their customer base. Truly, the future of content writing is more than just words.

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