ConversionBet: Dedicated CRO for iGaming

ConversionBet’s proprietary behavioural technology inspires your non-engaged and exit traffic to convert

Investing in a high spec, luxury iGaming website is a necessity if you want to succeed in the world of online gambling — in a study carried out by OpenBet, some of the most important considerations taken by iGamers when deciding whether to play on the website or not were the quality of the website and ease of depositing (i.e. ease of use!). As of November 2016, the remote sector (online betting, bingo and casino games) held 32% of the market share according to The Gambling Commission, so you want to ensure you have a solid hold on your place in the market.


Maximise your conversions

If you’ve found your way to the SiGMA website, we can only assume that you’ve already invested in a high-end, high quality redesign or brand new website (so well done!) and are seeing traffic increases, but are struggling to convert. Sound familiar? Well, you’re in the right place… One of the largest issues that are sees with iGaming websites are the exit rates that come with the industry. When we look into the ‘why’, there are many reasons that could contribute to a high exit rate on iGaming websites. Unfortunately, doubling your traffic doesn’t automatically mean your conversions will double, if your website is not best optimised to do so. ConversionBet offers expert analytical solutions right the way through to fully formed retargeting strategies to retain your traffic.

Even standard eCommerce websites can struggle with their bounce rates, due to the perception of online safety. Many customers are a little uncomfortable with passing across bank details online, because they don’t fully understand how the transaction is completed. When you apply this theory to a gambling website, it’s clear to see why web users may be uncomfortable with parting their money on an even larger scale. Taboo also surrounds the gambling world, in store or online — it’s often something that is carried out alone or kept a secret (which is most likely due to one too many ‘horror stories’ surrounding gambling associated debt — which is not the case in all scenarios!). Your customer might log on to have a quick game on their lunch but need to exit the page as their boss returned, or a user’s wife may not agree with a gambling habit, causing a sharp exit if she happened to glance over!

Three channels, one mission

If you don’t constantly strive to improve your retention strategies, you are wasting valuable time and money letting conversions ‘tick over’, whilst preventing your ROI from growing. Our proprietary behavioural technology will inspire your non-engaged and exit traffic to convert. How? Our intelligent software is ‘trained’ to learn to understand and read your visitors’ journey up to the point of their disengagement. It’s at this point that ConversionBet wakes up from being an exemplary analytical software, to being a full blown retargeting solution. We use various channels to re-engage with each user that showed exit intent by interacting with them on a personalised level, regardless of the browser or device.

We translate your visitors’ ‘micro behaviours’ and actions into highly relevant personalised content across a host of communication channels. Our figures prove that we are vital in an operator’s modern-day acquisition strategy to aid accelerated growth and loyalty.
As their company logo demonstrates, ConversionBet aims to create an infinite loop that directs traffic back towards conversion, allowing you to capitalise on opportunities you may have missed out on without their solution in place. They don’t just help you achieve those acquisition KPI’s, they learn, understand and relay how each visitor got there.

ConversionBet is exhibiting at SiGMA (Stand B8). If you would like to know more how they can help your brands conversion rates, book a meeting at SiGMA via their website or contact directly.


How it works


Relive the highlights from our last show and stay tuned for this year’s SiGMA. Watch out for what we’re branding as the ‘iGaming Village’ this year.
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