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Cracking the UK Affiliate Market in 2019

Finding value for players

In March 2018, the UK Gambling Commission released stats to show that over one fifth of UK adults had placed an online bet within the same four-week period. This trend continued throughout the year, seeing the UK online gambling industry sour to over £5bn in value in 2018.However, with this immense growth, has come much fiercer competition. Not only between casino and sports operators, but between UK iGaming affiliates who look to increase their dominance in the space.

In such a competitive landscape, many affiliates are turning their attention away from the UK market, focusing on emerging markets in Europe, Africa and South America.Searching for emerging opportunities in less developed markets. But are they missing a trick?

It’s no surprise that making a dent as a new affiliate in the UK iGaming market is no mean feat. Thousands of affiliates compete fearlessly across a wide range of gambling niches to ensure that they remain a key parts of the casino operator strategy. However, with affiliates venturing into new markets to find opportunity, some affiliates have shown that it remains possible to launch new affiliate sites in the UK that stand out from the crowd.

Adding value for the player value


sigma igaming Cracking the UK Affiliate Market in 2019 Casino affiliates like The Pogg and Right Casino have been able to carve out lucrative niches by focusing on value for the player.


Casino affiliates like The Pogg and Right Casino have been able to carve out lucrative niches by focusing on value for the player. Unlike certain affiliate sites of the past, who focused their efforts on satisfying the search engines, this new breed of affiliate put the player at the forefront of everything they do. Specifically looking to generate significant value for every stakeholder, prior to referring the player on to an iGaming operator. They focus on creating new and innovative tools that give the player an edge when signing up with a new casino.

The Pogg has developed a unique bonus calculator which allows players to understand every aspect of a bonus before they take it up at one of the casino operators that The Pogg promotes. This gives the player a much deeper understanding of how the casino bonus works and the true value once the terms and conditions have been taken into consideration, meaning the traffic quality once generated for the operator is more valuable.

Likewise, Right Casino have created a unique search function that allows players to input the exact casino criteria they’re looking for.This unique approach creates additional value for the player at the point they’re making a decision on which casino they’d like to join.Previously they would have had to test the casino themselves, with tools like Right Casino they can make sure that they find the right casino upfront, before risking funds.

It remains vital to build exceptional affiliate sites from a search engine optimisation standpoint, however adding value for the player beyond the traditional affiliate model is now a vital strategy.

Creating exclusive experiences for players

Other affiliates like Gambling Deals have taken a leaf out of the same book by creating exclusive promotions for customers. They have developed a VIP experience that means players can access exclusive welcome bonuses and sign up offers, as well as submit complaints and claims if the casino acts against the terms of their user agreement. This additional support ensures that players are looked after before, during and after they sign up with a new casino. This not only ensures the player gets more value from the affiliate but also gives the casino another tool to promote loyalty among their best new customers.

Making a splash as a UK iGaming affiliate is not easy. Hundreds of sites launch every year, looking to promote online casinos and sportsbooks across the web. However, to make an impact and stand out from the crowd it’s vital that you put the player at the heart of everything you do.

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