Cryptocurrencies revolutionising the gaming industry

Integrating cryptocurrencies to casino's payment method options

Cryptocurrencies, which are increasingly popular in the world of online transactions, are establishing themselves every day in new industries as a new, secure and reliable means of payment.   

Online casinos play part in these new industries and have bet on virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, allowing players to be more flexible on payments. 

A Beginner's Guide to Crypto gaming - News chBitcoin was created in 2009. This currency was originally used for transactions between particulars. In the following years, Bitcoin became a real means of payment in the global economy. In fact, in 2015, we have 100.000 businesses ready to accept this new form of payment. Online gaming and casinos industries were the first to bet on this currency and to popularize payments with Bitcoin. In 2020, e-commerce sites are surfing on this wave and thus integrate new technologies into their business. 

Virtual money and e-wallets are other ways to play on online platforms 

Virtual Money

In order to attract players, online casinos set up different techniques to promote their products. Bonuses, free spins, promotional offers are some of the techniques that allow players to play for free on the platform. In addition, the implementation of virtual money makes it possible to discover the games on offer, and once the customer has experienced the games, he can buy virtual money by investing real money.   


Electronic wallets or e-wallets are very popular with online gamers. The software stores the player's personal information, providing greater security. It is possible to register several credit cards and bank details on an e-wallet. They allow players to centralise all their information and not to enter their bank details on all the gaming sites. 

Online casinos easily adopt new technologies. Cryptocurrencies and virtual reality make the gambling industry a forefront of innovation and technology.  

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