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Curaçao and Trueplay make transparency deal

Companies announce a strategic partnership to avoid possible gaming fraud cases

Curaçao eGaming, one of the leading and most experienced online gaming licensors, and the blockchain platform Trueplay have joined forces with a common objective: creating an honest and transparent environment between all the participants within the gaming industry.

Oleksiy Mageramov, Trueplay's CEO, said: “The Gaming Industry is often still seen as fraud sensitive, but we are ready to change that once and for all.”

Their attempt to accomplish that goal is to make available Trueplay’s Truesign module. Thanks to it, casino operators will be able to prove game results to be fair by its integration. The authenticity of all transaction data, bets, deposits and withdrawals will be guaranteed through a system that requires to sign with a private key. By recording it on a public blockchain, TrueSign module ensures transparency and security of all payouts to players, affiliates and other participants of the gambling ecosystem. At the same time, personal data of casino players is totally safe due to encryption.

What makes Trueplay’s module unique when compared to other projects that share the same objectives is that their platform and the TrueSign module provide a ready-to-use solution compatible with any games from any providers.

Curaçao and Trueplay

“These initiatives by TrueSign bring exciting, much-needed enhancements to the gaming industry,” said CEG’s legal representative, gaming attorney Bas Jongmans of Gaming Legal Group. “In a regular (crypto) casino, one may be able to track players’ deposits and withdrawals in a rudimentary manner. However, monitoring what happens during a game itself has always remained a challenge. The potential of the TrueSign module may enhance monitoring possibilities greatly. Its potential is very promising. Its decentralised setup guarantees that involved records cannot be altered retroactively. This allows the participants to verify and audit transactions independently and relatively inexpensively. This may also prove extremely useful in combating money laundering.”

There are many advantages of blockchain with transparency at the top of it all. Meet the companies paving the way and taking advantage of emerging tech.

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