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Cybersecurity: Why you should take matters into your own hands?

Senior Cybersecurity Consultant Alexandre Ouaknine, joins SiGMA to talk about the necessity of cbersecurity and why you should take matters in your own hands

Ouakine starts the video by stating three facts which he then attempts to tie-in to his main focus in the monologue, and he says that 

  • Organisations worldwide will fall victim to a ransom or attack once every 11 seconds
  • Damages caused by Cybercrime will cost the world 6 trillion dollars annually 
  • Malta, Greece and Romania are the countries to most likely fall victim to a cbyer attack 

He then uses the analogy of a terrifying hypothetical horror movie that includes thre iconic horror film characters;  Freddy Kruger, Jason Voerhees and Leatherface. He then goes on to saying that the experience of the movie is akin to what a company experiences when cyberattacked. 

"Freddy Kreuger is a virus. He was introduced in to your company through [various ways], and when he's in, he's going to introduce Jason Vorhees and Leatherface. Jason is going to take a copy of every single one of your files and send it to the cloud, then, he's going to encrypt every single one of them, whilst Freddy Kreuger calls you and tells you that he's turning your dream company into a nightmare. Now you have a choice, and a time limit."

He then goes on to elaborate on this analogy, comparing the three characters to different aspects of cybercrime, whilst always pointing towards and emphasizing the importance of, rather than prevention, have a cybersecurity specialist investigating the happenings, and prepared to undego studies and analysis to understand how best to trace or defend oneself against such crimes.

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