“Danger Arena” Might Be the First Gambling Game Legalized in the U.S.

”Danger Arena”, a game created by the GameCo gaming company, is the first skill-based shooter slot machine to hit the market. For the first time in the existence of gambling, we witness games of casino slots transforming from luck to skill, which is expected to be a revolutionary change in the industry for many reasons.

The game is about to make its debut in Atlantic City at casino properties including Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s Wild Wild West, and Caesars. It will take its place as a VGM game of chance, while highly reminding to some of the popular shooters such as “Halo” and “Call of Duty”.

The Gameplay of Danger Arena

As already mentioned, the feature that differentiates “Danger Arena” from numerous other video games is the fact that one can earn money for playing it. Hence, how is it done? Since this product is a new concept which is still about to get regulated and adapted to players, it is not entirely clear how the whole betting process will work. However, what is sure is that:

  • Players will be fighting danger robots for approximately 45 seconds;
  • The primary goal is to kill as many bots as possible, but six is the least number to bring you some money, while ten means the highest payment;
  • The game is created with an intention to be played by not only one player (as with slots), but a group of them;
  • It is most similar to “Call of Duty” but is designed with a more cartoon-like style;
  • Whether you are standing or sitting, “Danger Arena” is played with a controller while looking at the video screen;
  • The game comes with different maps and various difficulty levels;
  • The “Power Up” feature is included, and it helps gamesters with their gameplay.

After all, this is a casino product, hence there will be no exceptions regarding its RTP and house edge. These payout percentages will also be included in the general payout, while the money amount a player wins is determined by his/hers skill level. The return rate is seen somewhere around 89% and 92%, meaning that the hold for houses is about 8-11%. The wagering limits for players range from $0.50 and $20 – all of which are typical numbers for an online slot game. To get a better feel of the industry check this page of new slot sites by Slot Spinners.

Is the Future of Skill-Based Gambling Games Bright?

Since “Danger Arena” is a skill-based slot game that allows players to rely on their skills and knowledge, it is the first such product to receive positive feedback from the US regulators. This means that it is close to being green lighted in numerous areas such as Nevada and Pennsylvania. What is great about it is that many countries that are expected to accept the game ban gambling games in general. Therefore, this innovation might be even seen as a loophole in the system of those who consider casino actions illegal. Dozens of regulators are currently reviewing the GameCo application.

If “Danger Arena” receives approval in the US and becomes a major trend among slot and casino players, what we can expect is:

  • A vast variety of world countries that don’t allow gambling will give their approval to skill-based gambling games, which opens a new door for the industry and makes gambling legal in more areas;
  • Players of such products won’t be only gamblers, but also those who are fans of various genres and wish to profit from their play;
  • We can expect dozens of games which gameplay is solely based on gamesters’ gained skills, and has nothing to do with the luck factor.

The GameCo manufacturer already plans to give it a go with more similar slot machines, but not only meant for shooter lovers. These games will become adapted to sports, racing, adventure, action, and fighting fans also! This will highly influence the industry’s revenue and will put gambling and gaming much closer. Thinking far ahead, playing your favorite video games for money might become a part of an everyday life, as well as a way people make big money while having fun!

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