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DAO.Casino launches Sandbox for game developers

Developers can now become experts in decentralised games for the gambling industry

DAO.Casino is opening Sandbox for developers, independent teams and game development studios choose to harness the power of the rapidly developing DApp industry.

The Sandbox project is created by DAO.Casino developers. Users of Sandbox will learn the foundations of decentralised applications development on DAO.Casino protocol. Developers participating in Sandbox will learn to create, design and deploy decentralised games and applications on Ethereum blockchain.


SiGMA iGaming DAO.Casino launches Sandbox for game developers DAO.Casino Blockchain Game Jam kicks off on November 28th – 30th, at SiGMA 2018.


DAO.Casino is set to feature at SiGMA 2018 as the sponsor for the much anticipated Hackathon, dedicated to blockchain technology and iGaming. The event will focus on decentralised protocols and systems that will change the landscape of iGaming forever. DAO.Casino Blockchain Game Jam kicks off on November 28th – 30th, at SiGMA 2018, and will be located next to the main conference room. Take a look at our agenda for more information on the event.

DAO.Casino plans to reward the most active developers for their constructive feedback on the improvement and optimisation of the SDK and related documentation. Later this year, the firm will independently publicise the details of the rewards program.

Ilya Tarutov CEO of DAO.Casino commented, “We are confident that the Sandbox project will play an important role in our collaboration with studios and independent game developers. We cannot wait to see our product helping developers unleash their creative and entrepreneurial talents and apply those to one of the most groundbreaking technologies of the XXI century.”

Tarutov continued, “I am sure that the products we’re developing will transform the online gambling into a fair and transparent industry for all of the involved parties: casino operators, developers, and affiliate marketers.”

Alexandra Fetisova of DAO.Casino added, “We are launching the Sandbox with the goal of enabling as many developers as possible to learn to create decentralized games. We have achieved an important milestone by starting to accept applications from developers all around the world who share our idea to make online gambling fair and transparent. With our technology, developers can take the whole gambling industry to the next level”

In 2017, DAO.Casino made a massive breakthrough in the online gambling industry by inducting the development of the protocol based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

DAO.Casino protocol guarantees the automation of transactions and facilitates interactions between all the industry participants: casino operators, game developers, and affiliate marketers. The team at DAO.Casino is fully dedicated to developing the best products and making the gambling industry a better place.

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