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Degree 53 redesign for Betfred Lotto

Degree 53 creates a winning redesign for Betfred Lotto

Degree 53, specialists in the UX, design and software development for the online gambling industry, have created a brand new design for the Lotto section for one of the leading UK bookmakers and their long-term client, Betfred. The new Betfred Lotto design has a modern look and optimised user experience, as well as more betting options for a variety of customers. Betfred Lotto was built with a mobile-first strategy in mind and is fully responsive across web, tablet and mobile.

Degree 53 overhauled the Lotto section by creating a new look, redesigning the user journey and updating its functionalities. Customers are able to bet on the outcome of a variety of international lotteries available on the day and upcoming weeks. They can either pick up to eight numbers, perming their bets, or opt for a Lucky Dip, which offers a more fun betting experience. The new Lotto betslip journey includes different cross-selling points for customers, such as the option to use the same numbers when betting on the outcome of other lotteries or play games for additional betting opportunities, such as Instant Wins and Scratch Cards, which increases engagement and keeps players on site longer. The team also added numerous info points across the product to help novices understand the terminology easier.

Betfree Lotto - new design

The team at Degree 53 provided extensive development services for the backend of the Betfred Lotto redesign, updating betting functionalities, improving content management options and optimising the responsive build of the product. The native iOS and Android apps have been updated to a web container, which include the latest native app features, such as Touch ID and Face ID, as well as onboarding, tutorials and push notifications.

Chris Young, Head of Lotto, Virtual Sports & Esports at Betfred comments: “I am very pleased with the work the Degree 53 team have been delivering. Since the relaunch, we have seen record sessions and improved conversions on the product. Feedback has been very positive and we can see that many of our customers have started using the new apps. Overall, the improvements the team made have generated fantastic results and I expect this to continue going forward. Thanks to the team’s expertise, we’ll carry on making small improvements to optimise the user experience and create a fun and exciting product.”

Andrew Daniels, managing director at Degree 53 says: “I’m happy to hear the positive response from the Betfred team and it’s great to see the new Lotto design live. This redesign marks our ongoing partnership with Betfred to continue evolving their product portfolio through UX optimisation and modernising the design. It’s important to track any obstacles in the user journey and make improvements in these areas to increase conversion. Our knowledge of the gaming industry helps us to implement the latest design and technology trends to our clients’ products to facilitate that. We have a number of other projects with Betfred in the pipeline and I’m very excited to see them roll out in the near future.”

Degree 53 has been working with Betfred for over five years. They created the previous version of Betfred Lotto and this project was the next step to modernise the product. Betfred Lotto is available for desktop, iOS and Android devices.

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