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Delaware forges ahead to allow full-scale sports betting

Repeal of PASPA prompts Delaware to rethink legality of sports betting

Following the repeal of PASPA, the U.S. State of Delaware will proceed to allow ‘full-scale’ sports betting. This will initially be made available through the Delaware Lottery.

The Delaware Departement of Finance has, after consultation with the Attorney General’s office come to the conclusion that there were now no legal hurdles blocking the state from expanding its sports betting offerings. In conjunction with the repeal of PASPA, a 2009 law that permits ‘betting on professional and collegiate sports, with the exception of games involving Delaware-based teams’ has paved the way for the state to be able to offer sports betting.

The state’s Governor, John Carney, who had earlier in the week commented on the decision to repeal PASPA, stressing the belief that the state “likely already has all necessary laws and regulations in place to implement full-scale sports gaming under the direction of the Delaware Lottery”.

The Delaware Attorney General's office confirmed its agreement with Governor Carney's comments and with state lottery and casino staff due to receive training in this area, the state looks well positioned to launch a full-scale sports betting operation in June.

The state's Finance Secretary, Rick Geisenberger, issued a statement saying: “Following Monday’s ruling by the US Supreme Court and consultation with the Delaware Attorney General’s Office, we are confident that Delaware has the legal and regulatory authority to authorise sports gaming in Delaware.

“The Delaware Lottery has had plans in place for months, and we will begin training lottery and casino staff early next week. We will continue to provide public updates as we prepare to launch full-scale sports gaming in Delaware next month.”

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