Directions for SEO Casino Affiliates in 2020

Voice search, Google's featured snippet, and mobile optimization

Online gambling is one industry that never seems affected by market fluctuations. Every year, billions are made, with profit margins increasing each year for many online casinos. If you want to get a piece of this profit, your online casino needs to use SEO techniques to make sure you are getting the most traffic sent to your gambling website. SEO is all about making your online casino easier to find. Here are some directions for SEO casino affiliates in 2020.

Voice Search

One of the most significant changes to SEO in 2020 will be the increase in the number of searches that are growth searches. By 2022, 55% of US households will have a smart speaker, and 50% of all online searches will be voice-based by next year. Is your online casino ready to handle this change?

When your potential online casino visitors are doing a search for the best online casinos, it won’t be enough to rank on the first page of a Google search result. When the voice search overpowers the text search, the most important search is going to be that very first one. Therefore, your online casino needs to learn how to handle this change. Here are a few changes.

Try To Be Google’s Featured Snippet

When you do a Google search, you’ll see a little box where your question is answered. Usually, it will pop up with a picture, and the answer will be in a list, table, or paragraph form. This answer is the featured snippet.

Most of the time, this short answer comes one of the top search results for your casino. When you do a voice search through Alexa, Siri, or Google Home, most of the responses will come from one of these top snippets.

Even if you rank high on Google, your answer won’t automatically come upon a voice search. One big prediction for 2020 is that Google will start to rank its search results based on what is optimized for voice. Get ahead of this trend now by learning how to rank better for voice searches.

How To Rank High For Voice Searches
  • Prioritize long-tail keywords. When you are working on building up your SEO, and creating blog posts or web pages to attract videos, think about what questions your visitors might have and how they phrase them. These words are what you should try to rank for on Google.
  • Focus on title tags and headers. When you are creating title tags and headers, make sure you are asking and answering the exact question or answer you want to rank for.
  • Give clear, short information. When you look at the featured snippet, most of the time, the answers will be between 40-60 words. Therefore, you should answer your keyword snippet question in a short paragraph that explains the query thoroughly but succinctly.
Build Your Brand

As you build your brand, it will help increase your SEO ranking. The more you build your brand, the greater your authority and trust are, which is something that is very important to ranking sites on search engines.

One factor that Google looks at carefully is brand queries. You want to make sure there is nothing negative about your brand that comes up on the first page of searches for your online casinos. You also want to make sure that all first-page searches for your brand name are filled with only mentions of your brand name.

By doing so, you should build up several platforms for marketing your company online. Things like a podcast, social media, and blogs can help build your brand awareness. As you build your brand, you’ll get more links, which is another thing that Google highly values when ranking sites. Therefore, you might want to consider collaborating with experts or influencers in your field so that they are sharing your content and writing about your online casino.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile

As we talked about earlier, mobile phones are becoming more prevalent. Your online casino won’t rank as high if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Depending on the content management system (CMS) you are using, it might be very easy to make your online casino more mobile-friendly. You’ll want to utilize a flexible layout that can switch between a desktop version and a mobile version as needed. If you realize that your site isn’t mobile-friendly, consider hiring a designer if you can’t figure out how to do it. Nowadays, many websites hosting providers will offer mobile-friendly templates as well.

As you create your online casino mobile-friendly content, here are a few things to consider:

  • Keep your paragraphs short. At most, they should be between two and three sentences.
  • Use headers often. Every couple of paragraphs, you should introduce a new idea and use headers. That way, it is easier for your readers and visitors to scan the web page and find their relevant content quickly.
  • Use numbered lists or bullets. This is another great way to break up the information and make it easier for people to read.
  • Make sure your online games are mobile-friendly. Your online casino games should be both android and iPhone-friendly. You might want even to consider creating a dedicated app for your online casino. That way, more people can find your online casino and have a great experience while playing and gambling on your site.

Content that is longer also tends to rank higher, but it is more informative. You want to make sure that you are giving the full story and making sure that your readers are finding all the information they need.

SEO is about to change in 2020. Use these techniques to rank higher in online searches.

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