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Duterte will spare no effort to get the Philippines out of COVID-19

Duterte's primary task is to revitalise the economy and restore people's lives

In recent weeks, the epidemic in the Philippines has reached another peak, with the number of diagnoses breaking through thousands for several consecutive days.

The total number of diagnoses has reached 50,000. This is seriously affecting the local economy, including the iGaming industry in Manila, with hundreds of thousands of POGOS choosing to return to their home countries.

The Spokesperson of the president of the Philippines Harry Roque (below) said that the country’s leader is making every effort to get the country out of COVID-19.

Harry Roque said that the country’s leader is making every effort to get the country out of COVID-19.Although the President’s health is not 100%, Roque assured the public that the president will continue to perform his duties, especially in reducing the impact of the pandemic. The President acknowledged that the health crisis has brought many difficulties to people.

His primary task is torevitalise the economy and restore people’s lives. The Philippine government has gradually relaxed community quarantine measures across the country. The Presidential Palace stated that the economic reopening will be combined with the expansion of COVID-19 testing, tracking, treatment work and efforts to curb the spread of the epidemic.

When asked about the health of the president (from 1% to 100%), Harry said: "Duterte, like other 75-year-olds, has a health condition of 88%."

The presidential security team is strictly protecting the President’s health to avoid him getting COVID-19, so the team has decided to significantly reduce the President’s chances of participating in public activities.

In addition, the President’s Security Group implemented a stricter sanitation and anti-epidemic agreement, restricting people who can interact with the President’s social interaction, and requiring the above personnel to undergo COVID-19 testing.

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